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Jun 16

46 Random Sex Facts You Didn't Know

Posted by: AlannaRose in Sexual Health


random sex factsDid you know during Victorian times weird sex acts were popular?In the bedroom everyone thinks they are the king of sex.  We look at animals and we think sex is weird, but there’s a lot about human sex that’s just as gross that most people are unaware of. So think again before you claim yourself master of the bedroom. There are crazy, random and interesting facts about sex that more people are unaware of.   Read about 46 interesting fun facts about sex ranging from biological health and history.   

    1. The hotter the room the fiercer the orgasm
    2. French Kissing should be renamed Dirty Kissing. There are almost 500 different types of bacteria in your mouth, 50% of them live on your tongue
    3. 1 out of 17 (400,000,000) people have sex a day – 400 people are doing it RIGHT NOW!!
    4. During sweaty sex, men ooze testosterone which is a biological turn on for women
    5. 73% of 70 year-old men are still sexually active (whoa)
    6. Endorphins that are released during sex actually relieve headaches (sorry ladies no excuse now)
    7. 80 cases of “double header” penises have been reported.  Wonder if these guys ever got both in on a threesome
    8. The vibrator was used as a treatment for hysteria patients (the doctors found it very time consuming)
    9. In Victorian times, whose wore pubic wigs
    10. Sperm is good for the skin
    11. Ladies put some socks on. Cold feet are to blame for the lack of an orgasm
    12. Female penguins engage in prostitution
    13. There is approximately 100million sexual acts performed each day
    14. The average lifetime amount of time spend kissing is 20,160 minutes
    15. During 30minutes of sex, a person can burn 200 calories
    16. Kissing can reduce tooth decay
    17. During a female orgasm, endorphins are released which is a powerful painkiller
    18. An adult man thinks about sex every 7 seconds
    19. Having sex at least once a week can lower a man’s risk of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50% and diabetes by 40%.
    20. Men who have an active sex life are likely to live past 80 years old
    21. The average erect penis is between 5 and 6 inches
    22. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness until 1973
    23. Approximately 1% of people worldwide have no sexual attraction to EITHER sex
    24. Men produce several million new sperm daily
    25. Approximately 90% of men and 65% of women masturbate
    26. The most common place to have sex outside the bedroom is the car
    27. Worldwide, sexually active adults have sex on average 103 times per year
    28. 48% of men and women have faked an orgasm at least once in their life
    29. Chocolate is proven to cause arousal  similar to sexual foreplay
    30. Wine aromas can turn both men and women on
    31. Endorphins that are released during sex create a euphoria that’s similar to what opioid drugs produce
    32. To produce better quality sperm, watch threesome porn
    33. 40% of college students know someone who has slept with either a college professor or a teaching assistant
    34. 1.1 million men and 800,000 women in the United Stated NEVER had sex
    35. 3% of women plan house chores during sex
    36. 36.  At least 50% of sexually active men and women will have genital HPV infection at some point in their lives
    37.  Adults between 20-59, men have an average of 7 sex partners and women had an average of 4 sex partners’ during their lifetime
    38. 2/3 of college students have been in a “friends with benefits” relationship
    39.  75% of men always reach orgasm during sex, when women  29%
    40. The average male loses his virginity at age 16, and the average females loses her virginity at age 17
    41. 70% of women who smoke have had more than 4 loves in the last year, while 60% of female non-smokers had none
    42. Women who read romance novels have sex twice as often as those who dont
    43. Women who lost their virginity before their 18th birthday are likely to be twice as sexually active as women who don't
    44. Australian women are more likely to have sex on the first date
    45. Black women are 50% more likely than white women to orgasm every time they have sex
    46. 20% of women who live with their boyfriends have more than one sex partner
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written by snide707, Thursday, 07:35 PM, June 16, 2011
I liked no. 32. lol
written by swimmer123, Thursday, 07:39 PM, June 16, 2011
sick article smilies/smiley.gif

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