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Jan 11

Bleeding Hemroids- Causes and Treatment Options

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Any sign of blood coming from anyplace in the body is always a reason for concern and it’s something you should try to stop as early as possible so that the proper treatment can begin. In the case of bleeding hemroids, there are a number of causes and treatments involved that are mentioned below.

The causes behind bleeding hemroids

If you see any sign of bleeding during the bowel movement as you wipe or spot the blood in the toilet bowl, it is an indication that you have internal hemroids because the blood does not originate from external hemroids, instead, external hemroids is generally accompanied by pain, itching and swelling.

They bleed only when there is any kind of friction from a lot of rubbing or a hard stool. The main cause of bleeding hemroids is when the vein is extended while straining on the toilet or if the hard stool scrapes that area. If you see excessive bleeding make sure to consult your doctor.

Bleeding Hemroids Treatment

Though initial stage of hemroids will not cause much bleeding but it is better to stop it before it becomes excessive. Some of the natural bleeding hemroids treatments are:

  • Apple cider vinegar is known to stop bleeding if taken during every meal in two teaspoon doses.
  • To stop inflammation and pain grape seeds are the best options one may consider.
  • Another remedy that treats both bleeding hemroids and other wounds is Yarrow.
  • You can also take ½ to full teaspoon Cayenne pepper with water to improve body’s blood flow.
  • You can also shrink bleeding hemroids by the process of Thermotherapy that involves the use of heat over a two- to four-week period to shrink hemorrhoids.

These are just some of the bleeding treatment options that can help you to shrunken the hemroids. Make sure to contact your doctor in case of excessive bleeding. You may also consult pharmaceutical manufacturers to get extremely tested and verified botanically based products that cure bleeding hemroids. Hemroids can be cured easily, all you have to do is pay attention and do not ignore the symptoms.


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