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Dec 01

Retail health clinics: good or bad idea?

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Clinic BrandsBread, milk, eggs and an ear infection check-up? One of these is certainly not like the others, but you can get all of these things at your local CVS, Target or Wal-Mart. While not new anymore, retail health clinics have been growing in popularity. But are they a good idea when your doctor isn’t available or just more dangerous in the long run?

 There are currently 1,200 retail clinics in pharmacies, grocery stores, and big-box retailers. The major players are CVS’ MinuteClinic and Walgreens’ Take Care Health System that make up 77% of all clinics. Walgreens says that 40% of its clinic patients say that if not for the clinics, they would end up going to the emergency room or just not get any treatment at all. Industry leaders say that these clinics are indeed a good idea – they can provide a medical resource that is less expensive for when your physician is not immediately available as well as cut down on unnecessary ER visits. While they are not meant to replace your primary care physician (PCP), the clinics do usually have nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants that can provide screenings and vaccinations. If something is beyond their abilities, they will generally refer you to a physician.

Nov 23

Kidney news wrap up: Pomegranate juice, Vytorin and transplants

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Researchers find benefits in pomegranate juice

The U.S. has recently discredited POM Wonderful’s claims that its juices can help with everything ranging from prostate cancer to heart disease, but new research conducted in Israel has found that the  juice may indeed live up to the hype. In a study funded by the Ministry of Health, Israeli researchers, led by Dr. Batya Kristal, of Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya found that patients on dialysis that had several cups of the juice each week had decreased their chances of infection. Infections are the second leading killer of patients on dialysis with an estimated 350,000 American deaths each year.

Instead of POM, the study used a brand made by Naturafod, one that had the highest level of polyphenol antioxidants. Antioxidants can reduce the cell damage caused by free radicals; the juice was thus chosen because kidney patients have a higher level of free radicals in the blood because it circulates through the dialysis device. In the study, half of 101 patients were given half a cup of juice three times a week for over a year, and the other half were given a placebo. The results showed that those with the real juice made fewer hospital trips as a result of infection- 40% less in the first hospitalization and 80% less in the second. Additionally, the juice drinkers had less inflammatory molecules in the blood. The findings were presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s meeting known as Renal Week in Denver, Colorado.

Oct 13

Coal mining reminds us of the risks

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The health risks associated with coal mining aren’t anything new, but in light of the recent triumph of the rescued Chilean miners, understanding the dangers of being in or around such an environment is unhealthy.

While working directly with coal is risky, the indirect contact from coal and other related excrements can impact public health. According to April's American Journal of Public Health people who living in coal mining countries, have a higher probability of suffering from a range of health problems.


Oct 04

Sights are looking up for those with bad eye sight

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For millions of people the use of glasses and contacts are the norm, but a recent scientific discovery has been made that may change within the next 10 years.

A BBC Magazine article reported that London based scientists have identified a gene that causes myopia, or shortsightedness and are confident that in the future such conditions can be treated with drugs and eye drops, said lead researcher Dr. Chris Hammond.


Sep 08


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I hate when my gf pmses. She gets really bitchy, but she can control her emotions.

Does anyone know if passing out is normal for girls on their period?


Apr 29

Proud or overprotective?

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I am a proud, single mother.  My daughter fulfills me.  She’s the cutest three and a half year old, my pride and joy, and I will do everything possible to protect her.  My sister tells me I am over protective because I make sure she has everything she needs and everything that she wants. My mother bought her a swing set for her third birthday and I set it up in our back yard.  I put it close to the house so I can see her from the kitchen window in case I’m inside.  I also put it away from the fence so when cars drive by the house people cannot see it, I do not want anyone to know there is a child in the house.  I actually don’t keep any toys in the yard at all.  Even her kid sized jeep stays in the garage next to Mommy’s car when we’re done playing with it.  I know I may sound a little paranoid, but I have dreams at night that someone is going to come steal her in the middle of the night.  I absolutely refuse to put one of those “baby on board” signs, or those family window decals on my van.  That goes back to my nightmares.  I am not going to let anyone follow us home and figure out how to kidnap my daughter from me. 

My daughter doesn’t go to the bathroom alone, I need to make sure she wipes and washes her hands properly.  We love to go shopping together, but before we go into the store we always go over the “not to talk to strangers” spiel.  Whenever we go anywhere I make sure she always keeps one hand on me at all times.  Whether we’re holding hands, she is holding the loop on my jeans, or she’s latched on to my purse; I need to feel her holding on.  My daughter has a wonderful imagination, and is always telling people secrets about where she’s going to hide or whatever it is kids whisper about.  But, she knows she has to tell Mommy every single secret.  When she gets home from daycare she tells me all of the secrets the other kids told her.  I just want to make sure someone isn’t telling her secrets about something bad, or something inappropriate.  The thing my sister finds most overprotective is that I traded in my SUV, when my daughter was three moths old, for a mini van.  This was just in case I need to get up and walk to the back if she’s choking or in any other case of emergency.  To me, these things are normal, but my sister tells me it’s too much, that I’m over reacting and being over protective.  I can’t help it.  I’m a single mother; she’s my first child, and my best friend.  I just don’t know any other way.