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Aug 03

Do you use make-up to get that perfect look? Are you sure it is not causing more bad than good?

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Emma Alexandra

Do you use make-up to hide your age? Well, you might need more and more as the months pass because make-up can actually age and damage your skin. I have to admit it, applying make-up is fun. I love being able to change my look in fifteen minutes, make my eyes look brighter, or my lips fuller. But, if applied incorrectly, make-up can ruin your skin.

Make up applicationAll make-up has a number of chemicals in it. While some of these chemicals can be applied on the skin with virtually no problems, mixing them with chemicals from other make-up products can cause reactions that damage and age your skin. Remember that the skin instantly absorbs these chemicals and sends them through your bloodstream. Make sure all your make-up is free of chemicals on the “chemical watch list”. These naughty chemicals include aluminum, ammonia, parabens, and sodium lauryl suphate. Going organic could help minimize the negative effects of make-up.

Not only this, but after a certain period of time, the chemical composition in the make-up can change. Holding on to your favorite blush for three years is a no-no. Even if it still makes your cheeks look perfect! Cosmetics on average have a shelf life of one to two years. After this time, the chemicals in the make-up start to degenerate and oils become rancid making the products potentially harmful to you and your skin. So, throw everything out if you have had it for more than two years. Make-up is not cheap, but neither is Botox. Also, do not buy in bulk if you want to save money, you will probably end up wasting money if you have to throw some of it away.

make-upSharing is not always caring! Sharing make-up and brushes that are directly applied on the skin, shares skin bacteria and infections that can ruin your skin. These infections can include herpes!

Other don’ts related to make-up use include diluting caked or thickened mascara and eyeliner with water. Because water contains micro-organisms, it creates an environment for multiplication of bacteria. Also, never pile on evening make-up over day make-up. Make sure you remove the first layer, give your skin time to breathe, and apply the second layer.

Last but not least, never sleep with make-up on. No matter how tired you are, or how tedious it seems, proper make-up removal is essential for a great looking skin. Personally, I always took make-up off my face growing up. But once I ran out of eye-make-up remover and ignored my eyes and the mascara. After a few weeks, about 3 or 4, I actually noticed that I was losing eyelashes. Do not get me wrong, my eyelashes fall every now and then. But during those weeks, I was picking them off my cheeks multiple times a day. In the end, at least I learned a valuable lesson, right?!




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