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Jun 23

Extreme Heat Health Tips

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The sun is vital to all our lives, giving life to all living organisms in some way or another, as well as vitamin D, but it can also be a very deadly thing. Have you ever seen in the movies where somewhere is stuck wandering around in the hot dessert with the sun beating down on them and they start to feel fatigued and eventually delusional? Well that can actually happen, and does happen to many people who are unaware of the devastating effects of the sun. 

The sun is powerful and the second we overlook its strong influence is when we end up with heat stroke or sun burn. Depending on the time of day and your latitudinal location it is sometimes best not to leave your house without some form of protection from the sun and its hazardous rays. For the majority of the world, the sun is strongest from 10 am to 3 pm so try to avoid extreme heat during this part of the day. Those wanting to exercise should think about either exercising early in the morning or after the sun is beginning to set. If this is not at all possible there is always the option of exercising indoors. Indoor locations such as malls, or gyms, provide individuals with areas to exercise while they enjoy the use of air conditioning.

Some locations are subject to extreme dry heat, whereas others have a more humid climate. An example of a location enduring hot and dry weather conditions is Las Vegas, Nevada. In such an environment, one could sweat and the sweat is evaporated almost instantaneously, which can actually be more dangerous, for people don’t realize they are becoming dehydrated and losing water. Extreme heat is known as heat waves when it occurs during only certain parts of the year and is usually joined with high humidity. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can have many detrimental effects on your health. An extreme heat health implication is heat stroke, which if severe enough can cause disability or even prove deadly.

To avoid dehydration, an important extreme heat health tip is to replenish your body with water as frequently as possible. On a normal day, doctors recommend that people drink 8 glasses of water, yet in the summer months individuals should try to consumer even more than 8 glasses if possible. Some even recommend drinking a glass of water every hour if exercising, sometimes even two glasses an hour. Drinking coffee and alcohol will only dehydrate you further, and don’t let sports drinks fool you, they are loaded with sugar. The more water the better!

Another extreme heat health tip is to wear sunscreen on all exposed areas of skin. The higher the SPF the better! Try to cover up as much as possible with breathable materials such as cottons and particularly light colored clothing as well. Dark colors absorb heat, whereas light colors reflect the light, making the person wearing the clothing cooler. One can also utilize hats and umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun’s rays, or even try to relax in the shade of a tree or building. If you’re ever feeling tired try to rest as soon as possible and take it easy, overdoing it will get you nowhere.

Lastly, an important extreme heat health tip to keep in mind is to not eat large meals. Light meals enable our stomachs to process the food easily, too much fatty food can actually create more heat in our bodies and cause us to feel nauseous and dizzy preventing us from being as productive as we normally would be. Once you have eaten, try to rest for at least half an hour before engaging in any strenuous activity outdoors to prevent fatigue.

The most important extreme heat health tip is to not push yourself past your point of no return. Your health is the most important thing before all else.


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written by Brandon, Wednesday, 03:57 PM, June 23, 2010
Thanks for the tips! I will for sure stay hydrated and healthy next time I'm outside for long periods of time. smilies/cool.gif
written by Jason Williams, Wednesday, 07:25 PM, June 23, 2010
I'm happy you posted this today! It's going to be very hot and humid the rest of the day today and all day tomorrow too!
Just one quick thing about SPF though: Anything above SPF 30 isn't all that much better protection. SPF 30 offers 97% and anything about that is just 98. High SPF numbers are only a marketing tactic to get people to spend more money.

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