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Oct 11

Hidden Camera Social Experiments

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What Would You Do, a hidden camera experiment on CBS puts ordinary people in situations that call for help from passersby.

If you saw a restaurant waitress being sexually harassed by the restaurant’s owner, what would you do? This and other controversial questions arise from the CBS show that aims to help people become aware and know what to do in such instances.

The show has tackled such subjects as prejudice against minorities and gays, abuse against men and women, and situations in which children, animals and other helpless people are in need of aid.

The findings and opinions of experts can often be startling especially with instances of danger.

In one particular episode of What Would You Do, a woman is at a bar having some drinks for her twenty first birthday as she waits for friends to arrive. After having a number of drinks, the woman is clearly unfit to protect her self against people with ill intentions and a man who sees this tries to take advantage of the woman.

During the episode, two women, one innocent looking and another more outgoing, risqué encounter the same problem, but two different results occur.

The innocent appearing woman always gets the help from other people at the bar, but something startling occurs to the other woman. While the more outgoing woman is near two men, one of which turns out to be an off-duty police office condones the man’s behavior and ill intentions for the woman.

With revelations such as that and how some people view women as deserving of such treatment based on their appearance, rape and murder will continue to happen until people begin viewing victims as victims and take action to help.

Other such social experiments test people’s willingness to help with results that surprise the viewer.


To see the episode, go to


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written by Smthng2Say98, Monday, 08:18 PM, October 11, 2010
speaking of hidden cameras, what do you think of the hidden cameras in other places like dressing rooms?

Either way, people are messed up and shouldn't be so self concerned all the time.
written by waterbottle, Monday, 08:25 PM, October 11, 2010
Social experiments can tell us a lot about how we view situations and people. It's really interesting.

I recently watched a social experiment video created by kotex about tampons. while it was pretty funny, it was interesting to see how men reacted.


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