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Aug 04

How Young is too young for Plastic surgery?

Posted by: Mehak in Other


A friend of mine told me about this girl who had breast augmentation. What is new about it? Lots of girls are doing it these days. But there is something weird about this story. This girl was only 7!!!! Why would she even do need a breast augmentation for? Isn’t teenage supposed to be the age of growth? So, if her body still has to grow, why would she do a plastic surgery? It is not only about young kids; sometimes even young people do the kind of plastic surgery which is not suitable for their age. As your physical appearance matures, the plastic surgery options that yield the best results will change as well. Depending upon your unique aesthetic needs and physical characteristics, which change with age, some procedures are more suitable than others for achieving the look you desire. I feel that everyone should grow naturally and even if that is not perfect, that should be fine. Tampering with the natural way of growth is definitely harmful. What if someone gets a nose job done and his bones are still growing? What would happen to their growing bones?
It is often heard and seen that even when one of the best cosmetic surgeons is on the job, the surgery is not a success. There are many complications that can occur because essentially they are an invasive method of enhancing the features of an individual and could causePLASTIC SURGERY GONE WRONG numerous different types of infections, illnesses and diseases. The human anatomy is very complex and delicate; even a slight mistake while making an incision or altering this anatomy from its normal state can disrupt other structures such as nerves and blood vessels. Often, damage to a facial nerve while performing this procedure on the face can lead to loss of sensation or partial paralysis. Other complications include abnormal heart rhythm, airway obstruction, blood clots, heart attack, brain damage, malignant hyperthermia and a stroke.
Also it is not possible that the surgery would go as you expected it to be. What if the surgery goes wrong and the body part that you got surgery done on, looks even worse? Would you spend such huge amount of money on correcting that again or would you live with this even worse part forever?  

My point: Plastic surgery is not good for you at any age, especially if your body is still growing. Nice habits, smiling face and a helping nature are far more important and valued than having a perfect body.


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