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Jan 25

Keep Your Children Away From Junk Food

Posted by: Cathy in Childrens Health


5 reasons to away from Junk Food:

Reason 1: High salt content: Junk foods are mostly the processed foods such as potato chips, and are loaded with salt. The amount of salt intake for children aged in between 7 to 10 should be 5 gram per day; however, it has been found that in an average the children of that age has about three times more than 5 gram! This excess intake of salts can dehydrate the body and in future it could hamper the kidneys.

Reason 2: High oil amount: Junk foods also contain too much oil that is rich in saturated fats which are considered unhealthy for everyone. Apart from increasing the fat amount, it also increases the chances of developing cardiovascular problem early in one’s life. Additionally, such saturated fats are not easy to digest and also they produce excess toxins after they are digested. These toxins are harmful for our major organs and can also increase the change of premature aging.

Reason 3: High sugar amount: People who are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are normally advised to stay away from sugar. But it is recommended for children also to avoid excess sugar amount. Excess sugar amount can lead to dental problems & aid in increasing the fat amount in the body.

Reason 4: No minerals & Vitamins: Junk foods normally lack any vitamins and minerals. The method in which they are cooked destroy the good nutrients amount

Reason 5: Canned food items contain few carcinogenic agents: Junk foods, especially package and processed can also contain some carcinogenic products.

How to Keep child away from junk food?

Although we all know that junk foods will not make our children healthy, we are finding it difficult to avoid them because they are almost everywhere from television commercials, print ads and groceries. However, it is our duty as parents to think of effective ways to follow them religiously. Here are some tips:
1. The best time to start to teach your child is when he starts to eat. Introduce to him healthy foods like fruits, milk etc. 2. Your child needs to know and understand the effect of junk foods to his body. A visible food chart can definitely help a lot. Its better if you will put it in his room and near his bed. 3. Never give him junk food as a reward for the good things he achieved. 4. If you are outside and celebrating a certain occasion, look for a healthy restaurant. 5. Parents should discourage birthday treats to be given at junk food restaurants
6. Do not you feel bad about not allowing your child such foods every other day. You are doing the right thing.
7. You probably cannot control every last morsel that goes into your kid’s mouth. But you can pack their lunch and supervise them at every turn.
8. Create healthy fun-food alternatives for your child at home. Healthy foods need not be boring to eat. Use your artistic instinct.
9. Get your child to be active; it is as important as eating and sleeping. Encourage him to participate in any physical activity which can be sports, dance etc.
10. But of course, if you want your kids to eat healthy foods, you have to model that behavior for them by choosing healthy foods yourself.

In my mind, the most useful way to help your child away from junk food is make the child food more interesting by having health food. Here is the way to make lunch box for your children and prepared for all lovely mom and their cute babies:

1. Cook the rice and let it cool to the point where you can touch it without burning your hands.
2. Wash your hands, leaving them wet, then rub your hands with salt. This keeps the rice from sticking to your hands too much.
3. Take a palm full of rice (anywhere from 1/4 C to 1/2 C) and shape it into a ball, a triangular ball or a cylinder (see instructions below).
4. To fill - press a hole into the ball with your fingers, fill with desired stuffing and press closed again.
5. Finish by wrapping with a narrow strip of nori (trim down full sheets), or sprinkling on toasted seeds.

1. You can put vegetables, meats, corns, or everything you want put in the rice ball.
2. You can use different kinds of rice to make the rice ball.
3. Use ham, carrot, mini hot dog and some vegetables and fruit to decorate your child’s lunch box. Make sure all the decorations have a great shape. 4. Use your imaginations, open your mind, make your child's lunch by yourself and say goodbye to junk foods.


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written by jfrancis, Wednesday, 07:24 PM, January 26, 2011
Thanks for the tips. And these pictures are so cute smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Cathy, Thursday, 02:47 PM, January 27, 2011
yes, and this is not very difficult. I think you can make a rice ball for youself as well.smilies/grin.gif

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