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Jul 23

married men are healthier than single men!

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Married men from what I have heard know that their wives are more concerned about their health then they are themselves. Many wives push their husbands to go get illnesses checked out when they don’t think it’s worth a second of their time. This is why married men are healthier than single men. They have someone always pushing them to go see a doctor and watching out for their health. In my opinion men’s general attitude toward going to the doctor about a little illness is it will go away in a few days, or hours. Why would I bother going to a doctor? Women on the other hand it seems like they have the doctor on speed dial!

‘’Relationship researchers know that marriage is associated with better health, particularly for men. One reason is that wives often take on the role of caregiver by setting up doctor appointments, and reminding, and even nagging their husbands to pay a visit. The study that shows the nagging effect leads to better health for men is bolstered by new research showing that among heart attack victims, married men arrive at the hospital soonest’’!

About half the time married heart attack victims arrived at the hospital half an hour sooner than those who were not married. Researchers studied the information separately for men and women and they found that while married men were more than 60 percent less likely to arrive late than their single peers there was no statistically significant difference between married and single women. ‘’Even when a married man is experiencing a little small symptom of some sort wives tend to push their husbands to visit the doctor long before the husband thinks he needs to go’’.

Wives persuade their husbands to seek medical care. Women are far more likely to have a personal physician than men (fact). And even when prenatal visits and trips to the pediatrician are excluded, women are still twice as likely as men to visit the doctor (true). As a result, they have more regular access to physicians and often use their visits to throw in a few extra questions about husbands and family members or seek a referral for a family member. All you single men you have something to look forward to when you get married better health!

A little story

Here is a great example I found for you people reading this; ‘’Phil and Rachael Starke, a couple in San Jose, Calif. Phil were putting off a doctor’s visit, but Rachael insisted, enlisting the help of their child’s pediatrician and scheduling appointments. Finally, Phil did see a doctor and learned he had diabetes. Later, he conceded that he owed his health to his wife. “There’s an old Jimmy Buffett song where he tells his girlfriend, ‘You treat your body like a temple. I treat my body like a tent.’ It gets back to the value of marriage. If I had been a single man without someone deeply involved in my life, I’m not sure what would have happened. For lack of a better word, I was nagged into doing something’’.

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Emma Alexandra
written by Emma Alexandra, Monday, 02:46 PM, July 25, 2011
the attention and love given by one partner to the other also helps stay healthier longer. This is true for both men and women. Even the fact that when married, couples are more likely to hug, hold hands, and kiss, keeps them healthy. Little things like that can help lower blood pressure, improve your mental health, and help your heart and brain.

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written by Mehak, Tuesday, 04:59 PM, July 26, 2011
Wow.....I should make my husband read this article...after all, I owe him big time... smilies/smiley.gif

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