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Jul 07

Poor Dalmatians….. Unaware illness

Posted by: Dchakrabarti in Diseases



My friend is nowadays very upset regarding his cute pet Dalmatian. Even I think all the owners of their Dalmatians must be aware of the dog health issues. In general, the Dalmatian is a hardy, sound, healthy breed unaffected by many of the orthopedic, ocular, and cardiac problems affecting many other medium to large breeds.

The primary health issue in Dalmatians is deafness. About 8% of all Dalmatians are born totally deaf. Another 22% are unilateral hearing, that is, normal hearing is present in only one ear. Unilateral hearing Dalmatians still make fine pets and most owners are unaware of any problem. Another major concern is the formation of bladder stones. This dog health issue can be largely prevented and/or treated through proper diet. Dalmatians particularly need to be kept well hydrated and should be given ample opportunity to urinate. Owners should familiarize themselves with the signs that their dog may have a stone forming problem. Also, Skin problems and allergies do seem to be present in the breed. The allergies are frequently seasonal and are often inhalant allergies. Use of over the counter antihistamines, change of diet, and the use of fatty acid supplements may help. Hip dysplasia does exist in the breed. Any Dalmatian that is to be used in a breeding program should be x-rayed and certified free of hip dysplasia. Dysplastic dogs should not be bred. It is also a good idea to x-ray the hips and elbows of any Dalmatian that will be doing a lot of jumping as in advanced obedience or agility.

Good news – health issues related to eye problems are extremely rare in the Dalmatian. However, Hypothyroidism seems to be on the rise in all dogs. Some holistic practioners feel it is due to improper diet and overkill with vaccinations. Some signs of hypothyroidism include lethargy, excess shedding, dull coat, overweight, skin problems, reproductive difficulties, etc.

To conclude, I must say that the treatment for the Dalmatian dog health issue is inexpensive but most dogs will need medication for their entire life. The Board of the Dalmatian Club of America recently has taken various campaigns and will be organizing some more to help the Dalmatians lead a better life.



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written by jay11284, Wednesday, 03:43 PM, July 07, 2010
Very interesting article about dalmatians. I never realized how this bread was so different from many other dogs.
written by mikef27, Wednesday, 05:57 PM, July 07, 2010
So weird to find this stuff out...who knew, not I

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