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Dec 14

Stem cells turned into pancreatic and intestinal cells

Posted by: Smthng2Say98 in Stem Cells


Stem cells really have had an amazing year so far. Researchers have made great strides with what stem cells can do. The other day two more new experiments were reported.

In the first experiment a team from Georgetown University, used spermatogonial stem cells and turned them into pancreatic cells; the spermatogonial stem cells are ones that become sperm in men. The resulting pancreatic cells would not be exclusive to just men, however, because the technology can be used in female oocytes as well.

In the experiment, Ian Gallicano (head of the team), used “germ-derived pluripotent stem cells” (cells that have the ability to become any cells in the body) and in a lab used compounds that helped these cells turn into pancreatic beta cells. When transferred into diabetic mice the cells did indeed produce insulin and acted like the beta cells that the body destroys in patients with Type-1 diabetes. Currently there is no cure for the disease and those suffering from it must take insulin for life. A few people may be eligible for the “Edmonton Protocol” where the pancreatic cells are taken from cadavers, but obviously there are some problems with that method such as compatibility as well as a shortage of cadavers. This new method would certainly be a breakthrough and a life changer.

In the other study, James Wells and his team at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio managed to transform two types of stem cells into intestinal tissue.

The scientists used embryonic stem cells and just like the Georgetown team stimulated pluripotent stem cells to become complex organoids, which are batches of intestinal tissue made from intestinal muscle cells and cells that line the intestinal inside. Wells said that these cells could be used to study intestinal diseases and maybe eventually used to treat them as well. 

Again this is great news for those suffering from the above diseases as they could benefit from these new findings very soon.

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written by jay11284, Tuesday, 07:53 PM, December 14, 2010
Great news for people that suffer from those above diseases or for those who may suffer down the line. I hope stem cell research continues to prove effective.

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