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Sep 14

Adding Lemon to Water

Posted by DMBjamsto41 in Water , tips , lemons , benefits


What are the benefits for drinking water with lemon in it?

1.       Good for your stomach – can help relieve a lot of digestion problems.

2.       Good for you skin – lemon is vitamin C and can help rejuvenate your skin.

Sep 14

After Plan A, You've Got Plan B

Posted by kateg in pregnancy , plan b , contraception , birth control


       What happens when you realize your birth control did not do its job?  Where do you go from there?

       Well, many places offer an over the counter drug called Plan B.  Plan B is an emergency contraception that can be taken up to 72 hours after birth control failed. It is available to women over 17 without a prescription and to women under 17 with a prescription.

       The way it works is preventing or delaying ovulation and it can also interfere with the fertilization of an egg.  Being that the sperm and egg never finally make a connection to start a new life. It is also possible that the emergency contraception can alter the lining of the uterus which ultimately does not allow the egg to implant itself into the wall of the uterus.

Sep 14

Are Cell Phones Frying Your Brain?

Posted by kateg in RF , electromagentic waves , cell phones


       Many people are concerned that their use with cell phones can permanently damage them.  This is untrue.   Cell phones only emit a low level of radiofrequency energy (RF) which is not enough to alter genes or DNA. 

       The RF that cell phones emit is on the same level as microwaves.  Though, there is some electromagnetic energy that can be emitted from other things such as X- ray machines.  With those sorts of machines emitting high levels of electromagnetic waves, people have to be concerned about ionizing biological tissue.

       Ionizing biological tissue can cause electrons to be stripped of their normal locations within the atoms and molecules causing damage to DNA and other genetic material.   

Sep 13


Posted by InfernoCrcl3 in tobacco , smoking , nicotine , e-cigarettes


    E-cigarettes are the latest trend for smoking.  An e-cigarette stands for an electronic cigarette in which you can smoke nicotine or other drugs.  Typically, they are thought to be “better” than regular cigarettes for two reasons, one you can reuse t hem and two because you do not smoke tobacco.    

    Though, many marketing firms who market this product are running into problems because they are being warned that they are not marketing their products the way they were intended to be marketed.  Essentially, the FDA says the firms “have 15 working days to correct ‘practices which violate various provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.’”

    It seems they have the same false advertising as cigarettes do.  Most things that you smoke are not going to be overall healthy for you.

Sep 13

Nail Care

Posted by windowjsas in nails , nail salon , manicure , fungus , bacteria


       It is nice treating yourself to a manicure, but does it raise a lot of health issues?  The answer would be yes.  One major thing is the cutting of the cuticles.  Many manicurists will ask if you want them pushed or cut, and you should always go with pushed.

       The cuticle is the seal between where the new nail is forming.  It is a sensitive part of the nail and if it is cut or torn, bacteria can enter the skin and cause infections and other unpleasant things.   It is also important to make sure the nail salon uses sterilized tools.  Having tools repeatedly used on people fingernails and toenails can create a big mess of bacteria’s and other unwanted infections and fungus.  

For more medical support groups, check out www.medichatmd.com.

Sep 13

Testosterone and the Manly Man

Posted by kateg in testosterone , heart disease , heart attack


        Most people associate having a high testosterone level with being very masculine, maybe aggressive, but mostly just being a manly man.  Though, a new study funded by U.S. National Institutes of Health, suggest that high levels of testosterone in men over 65 can be associated with heart attacks and heart disease.

        The study was based on a community of 700 men.  The level of testosterone was tracked along with heart issues. After four years, the study was followed up on and found that 100 of the men had experienced a heart attack, unstable angina or had angioplasty or bypass surgery to clear clogged arteries. 

       The study did not deal with men who take testosterone supplements, but it is thought that these supplements are putting men in direct risk of experiencing heart troubles.

Sep 13

Gardasil for Men

Posted by cleanclosets08 in men , HPV , gardasill


       We’ve all heard of Gardasil for women which is a vaccination for HPV, human papillomavirus virus which could potentially lead to cervical cancer in women.  But, through research and experimenting, it is now possible for men to get the Gardasil vaccination. 

The vaccination can be given to men between the ages 9 and 26, just like for women.  It can help prevent genital warts on men from the 6 and 11 types of HPV.  According to the FDA, “about two of every 1,000 men in the United States are newly diagnosed with HPV.”

       It is important to speak to your doctor about receiving the Gardasil vaccination to help protect yourself from HPV.  It is the most commonly spread STD in the United States.  

Sep 09

Using Product in your Hair

Posted by jessisthebest in styling , hair , gel , flaking


I have curly hair and I often look for products that can take away the frizz and give me overall nice curls.  I use gel, in combination with other products, but I was concerned that the use of gel, which seems to be the strongest product I use, would cause damage to my hair.

Luckily, after doing some research, gel does not affect your hair negatively.  The only thing about gel is  that you should try to wash it out each night.  It can cause your hair to be greaser if  you leave it in for an extended period of time. 

This is good news for the people styling their hair with gel.  Be sure to use the right kind of gel in order to have no flaking and hair that is not too stiff.  As long as it is washed out each night, your hair should have no problems with gel in it! 

Sep 07

Sperm Retrieval

Posted by kateg in testicular biopsy , Sperm , IVF


       A husband of five years is tragically killed in a car accident.  His wife is beside herself, but was thinking quickly.  She decided since they had been trying to have children for the last year and half, she would have a sperm retrieval performed. 

       Sperm retrieval, or a testicular biopsy, is performed in order to gather sperm from the man who has passed away.  From there, the woman can use IVF (in vitro fertilization) in order to get herself pregnant.   The IVF process is the same as any other IVF case. 

       Now, most people would understand, oh okay, a wife wants children with her late husband.  But what if they were just dating?  What if he was only her boyfriend?  What claim does she have to his sperm?

Sep 07

Pain in the Throat

Posted by InfernoCrcl3 in tonsils , sore throat , sleep apnea , adenoids


       Suffering from enlarged or sore tonsils is a very frustrating and painful thing.  Having enlarged and/or sore tonsils may cause you to have difficulty eating, breathing and drinking.  If a person has chronic tonsil issues, it may be time to visit an ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat doctor).  The ENT will administer a number of tests that will allow him or her to determine the issue your tonsils are having.  Sometimes it may just be a bacterial issue that will clear up, but other times it is just something that forces your tonsils to have to be removed.

       The tonsils and adenoids are a mass of immune cells found in your lymph glands.  Having infected or enlarged tonsils or adenoids may cause a person to have bad breath, sleep apnea, ear pain, difficulty swallowing, loud snoring and other similar symptoms.  Your ENT may suggest a tonsillectomy which is the removal of the tonsils permanently.  A tonsillectomy is usually advised to be done when the patient is younger, but clearly, that is not always the case.  Along with a tonsillectomy, your doctor might suggest and adenoidectomy.  The tonsils and adenoids do a lot of things together medical support group. 

       Before making the final decision of removing the tonsils, it is important to keep in mind some risk factors.