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Jul 06

Bed Bugs!

Posted by Courtney6190 in treatments , scratching , infestation , disinfect , customers , clusters , Bugs , bites , Bed


Ever feel itchy for no reason? Experience swelling or redness? This could be from bed Bugs. The way bed bugs attack is by biting their hosts, often when the host is asleep. Now the bed bug bites might not seem like a health concern since their saliva has not been known to carry diseases, but an allergic reaction is always possible, plus no one likes to be itchy and uncomfortable. Anything attacking your body and causing discomfort should be of major concern.

Misdiagnosis of the bites leads many to believe they were bitten by mosquitoes or even fleas, making it even more difficult to realize they are dealing with an infestation of bed bugs. To know if you have bed bugs, some things characteristic with their bites include:

·         Welts