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Oct 28

Lifelike robot nurse may soon appear at your local hospital

Posted by nat_bez in Kokoro , Japan , Hiroshi Ishiguro , ATR , android , actroid-f


The world’s “first true android” as dubbed by Guiness World Records has been unveiled by Tokyo based Kokoro. Kokoro works in partnership with Osaka University’s Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, one of Japan’s leading robot creators, at the ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories. The Actroid-F is a gynoid, or a female android, and appears to be the twin to the Geminoid-F, an uncanny lifelike replica of the human model seen here, that debuted in April of this year.

Incredible robot nurse, Actroid-FThe current version is meant to look like a nurse, and is already being tested in Japanese hospitals to “heighten patients’ sense of security.” For now, she or it, is just acting as an observer in hospitals to see how patients react to her, and so far the responses have been favorable to her presence. The Actroid-F is incredibly lifelike and could easily be mistaken for a human. Currently she can mimic expressions and motions such as blinking and smiling. Face-tracking software allows the robot to follow a remote operator and recreate his facial and head movements; check out the amazing video of the Actroid-F in action. While Actroid-F can’t walk, the company has already contracted to sell 50 robots to hospitals and museums to act as guides, receptionists, and patient attendants.