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Jul 28

Discrimination Among HIV/AIDS Positive Prisoners

Posted by rpfaus in Prison , human rights , discrimination


Alabama and South Carolina have joined efforts in seclusion among prisoners with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, the two states have imposed mandatory HIV testing of its prisoners in attempts to halt the spread of the epidemic  and to further preserve prison health.  Even so, this precautionary plan is shocking Human Right activists, who view this treatment as discrimination.


After testing positive, prisoners are forced to live in separate units and wear designating armbands.  The prisoners also eat and worship separately to avoid contamination. Moreover, they are publicly denied participation in re-entry programs that aim in transitioning back into society.  Through these measures, prisoners are subjected to stigma and harassment.

Jun 25

Mental Health Help for Inmates: The Basics

Posted by MaxWeb65 in treatment , Prison , mental health , Inmates , Depression


Statistics show that mental health issues plague prison inmates on a much higher level than the general population.  Additionally, inmates suffering from mental health issues tend to spend a much longer time in jail and actually receive the least amount of help needed in order to keep them from ever being incarcerated again.  These conditions create a revolving door effect where the inmates most in need for help are often the ones who return to prison.

            Why then does this cyclical process happen? Doesn’t the law guarantee inmates adequate treatment to address their mental health needs?  The answer lies in the fact that these mentally ill inmates are not medicated and thus, understanding their basic rights is nearly impossible.  Inevitably, this leads to our current situation where prisons house more of our mentally ill than hospitals do.  According to the National Sheriffs’ Association, 3.2 times more mentally ill persons are incarcerated rather than receiving treatment at a hospital.  Coupled with the fact that incarcerating an individual is much more costly than providing mental health treatment, it could be said that we’re facing a major crisis.