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Mar 04

Research shows that exercise can affect aging

Posted by lovetowalk84 in youth , stay young 2011 , Running , reduce aging , how to


We all know that exercise is good for us because it keeps our body healthy, our minds clear,running and us feeling great. But did you know that exercise can keep you young? Not just in the typical sense of making you feel young either, but can physically keep you younger. Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a professor of pediatrics at McMaster University, and his colleagues have discovered through an experiment involving genetically mutated rodents that exercise can actually keep you younger.

In the experiment Dr. Tarnopolsky and his team use lab rats that contained a genetic mutation that negatively affected how their bodies repaired malfunctioning mitochondria, which are the power generators of the body, causing the rats to age at an accelerated rate. By the time the rodents were 8 months of age (early 60s in human terms) some exhibited frail bodies, spindly muscles, shrunken brains, enlarged hearts, shriveled gonads and patchy and graying fur. During their lifetime these rats rarely stayed active and as a result died before their first year. The only subjects that didn't die were the ones that were allowed to exercise.

These rats, who underwent the same mitochondria altering treatment as the ones who died, showed outstanding physical capabilities even after 8 months of age. Starting when they were 3 months old these mice ran on a wheel for 45 minutes three times a week for 5 months. Every time the ran they were required to run at an alert pace, equivalent to a human running a 50-55 minute 10K (6.2 miles) race. When they reached 8 months the active subjects were compared in an analysis against their inactive counterparts, and while the torpid rodents displayed obvious signs of aging the more youthful ones did not. Instead they had full pelts of colorful fur, they maintained almost all of their brain volume and muscle mass, their gonads and hearts were normal, and they still had excellent balance control. Yet despite this overwhelming amount of evidence what really surprised the researchers was that despite their mutation, these rats had healthier and a greater quantity of mitochondria than the inactive rats. They had also continued to discover that exercise not only improved mitochondria and muscle health, but it also affected every tissue and bodily functioned they studied.

Dec 23

Christmas: No Excuse To Not Workout

Posted by jay11284 in workout , weight loss , thin , Running , holidays , fat , christmas


It's 2 days before Christmas. Hopefully all of your gifts are purchased and wrapped and hopefully you have all of the food, wine and beer bought too! One thing that you also shouldn't forget about is your workout routine. Something as simple as going for a run on Christmas Eve Morning or even for a quick run on Christmas Day after you and the kids open up your presents can greatly improve your health and decrease your holiday gut. 

Still Run

You know that you are going to be eating more than you normally would over Christmas so why not burn some calories and get your metabolism sped up before you indulge? Many families celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so that means extra calories. Don't forget about going out with the office, or going out with friends for Christmas dinner in the weeks before or after. 

Dec 15

10 Tips For Weight Loss Success (without feeling hungry!)

Posted by jay11284 in weight loss , starches , soda , Running , Hunger , fat , carbs , breakfast


This is a quick list of 10 easy ways I found that help you lose weight without having to starve yourself in the process. Simple things like eating a bigger breakfast or lifting weights can greatly improve your results each day. Why not start now instead of waiting until January to make some simple changes?

10 Weight Loss Without Hunger Tips!

1. Eat a Bigger Healthy Breakfast

Eating a breakfast that's just cereal and coffee doesn't fill you up for long. Have something with more protein and fat like eggs and low fat sausage. Your body craves protein after a night of sleep, give it backSexy Weight Loss Couple right away with a good breakfast.

2. Eat More Often

Having three good snacks and three health meals spaced out throughout the day can help maintain a good metabolism. A great snack that I enjoy is a handful of almonds or a greek yogurt. I prefer the Greek yogurt brand Chobani, it packs 14 grams of protein and has only about 140 calories.

Aug 30

Sprinting to Good Health

Posted by kateg in tips , Running , health


   Running is the cheapest and quickest way to get in shape.  Dedicating 30 minutes to running each day will improve your health and body.  Getting started is the only hard part.  Becoming motivated to put those sneakers on and step outside of the house is the only obstacle that has to really be overcome.  Once you get going, the actual action of running is not that bad.

   Of course, there are a few things to be prepared for.  While running, you may feel a sharp pain in your side, but don’t be alarmed – it’s just a stitch.  To cure the pain, slow down or walk and breathe in deeply through your nose and out of your mouth.  Eventually, the stitch with go away and you can get back to your running.  Make sure to not eat heavy before exercising because it can cause the stitch to develop.

Jun 30

Weight Lifting: The Mistakes You're Making

Posted by jay11284 in Weight , Training , Running , Mistakes , Lifting , Form , Bench Press


What do we all want this summer besides great weather, to look and feel better right? There may be things you are doing in your workout that can harm your body; they may even be a big waste of time. Everyone wants to use the time they have efficiently, we are all busy with work and school and you don’t have to workout for 3 hours each day to notice change.

Mistakes made at the gym that have easy fixes:

You Don’t Track Your Progress.

May 19

Running - Staying Motivated

Posted by runningislife112 in Running , Pedometer , Nano , Motivation , iPod , Blog


For the last few years I have made a great effort to add morning running to my daily routine. I love going down to the boardwalk for a run or just around the corner to the local state park. 

Please join my group about Running. We will discuss different techniques and tips and tricks about how to keep motivated. One of the best things I discovered is the iPod Nano now has a pedometer feature. Now I can not only rock out to my favorite band but I can track my fitness goals as well.