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Feb 05

Deep breathing exercises

Posted by jfrancis in oxygen , lungs , inhale , healthy breathing , exhale , exercise , deep breathing


All human beings need to breath in order to live, this is well knowdeep breathingn fact.  What may be a not as well known is that many of us do not breath properly. When we breath we take in oxygen which flows to our lungs where it is there that the oxygen is transported into our blood stream. It is in the lower region of our lungs that oxygen is best absorbed into the blood stream, so taking deep breaths is important because it help deliver more oxygen to the lower portion of the lungs. Unfortunately, in reality many people deprive their bodies of much needed oxygen due to improper breathing. Bad breathing is often due to fast, shallow breaths preventing the oxygen from being fully absorbed.

On a more positive note, there are ways to correct this commonly made error, and that is through deep breathing exercises. Like most things in life, we get better through practice. Although naturally taking deep breaths are lost on many, by making a conscious effort you can begin to absorbed more oxygen into your blood stream, improving your overall health. Here are a few exercises worth trying:

Exercise 1