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Jan 24

Ten foods of 2011 that will give you more energy

Posted by jfrancis in Yogurt , vitamins , Sugar , nutrients , more energy 2011 , lifestyle , healthy


Our world today is a world filled with constant movement. There is no such thing as slowing down, only speeding up and those who can't keep up with this pace are at a high risk of being left behind. So how do we keep up with this fast pace world? For those who are not designed like the energizer bunny, many of us turn to coffee and other energy drinks and foods riddled with high doses of caffeine, sugar, and other unknown substances. But did you know there are other, healthier alternatives to these quick energy boosters that are not only good for your body but will also give you more energy over longer periods of time without the risk of a sugar crash side effect? It's true, Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of resources that can help us keep up with this fast pace world and still feel good.

Here is a list of ten foods that will give you more energy:whole grains

Whole grains

Oct 26

Energy Drinks - Do They Work?

Posted by jay11284 in work , Red Bull , Glucose , Ginseng , Energy Drinks , caffeine



Last year Americans spent over $4.2 Billion on energy drinks. Most energy drinks contain a few ingredients that we are familiar with like: Caffeine and Sugar. Some also contain small amounts of Ginseng, Guarana and Taurine. Do these ingredients really help you gain energy in a normal, healthy way? Some research shows that people who drink a lot of caffeine crash and feel tired often. When someone craves more caffeine, in the afternoon for example, they are simply going back up to have normal energy from their low, not extra energy.


Jul 30

"Energy" Drinks

Posted by BHalll in Sugar , stimulants , herbal , energy , drinks , dehydration , children , caffeine


Energy drinks are among the pop culture craze, as large companies such as Redbull, Five Hour Energy, and Monster, claim to offer us that extra surge that our bodies sometimes desire to stay active and alert. They are everywhere we turn, from grocery stores, convenience shops, school campuses, bars, clubs, random vending machines and even break rooms at certain places of employment. Does that mean these drinks are harm-free? Most health professionals would probably answer no to that question.

Jun 14

Caffeine Controversy: The Endless Health Debate about Coffee

Posted by mallorygold in health , drink , Coffee , caffeine


There has always been a large debate about the health benefits that coffee has. Many people refer to the indulgence of coffee as unhealthy. However, recent studies have shown that a cup or two of joe a day can actually have numerous health perks.


Donald Hensrud, associate professor of Preventative Medicine and Nutrition at the Mayo Clinic says, “People always talk about it as if it is bad for you.  That’s not necessarily true. Coffee contains over 2,000 different chemical components, including cancer-fighting anti-oxidants.”