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Aug 15


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They say once a cheater, always a cheater.  Yet couples have maintained their relationships even after their spouse has cheated…that is in some cases.   Why do we cheat? Why do we forgive cheating partners? What affect does cheating have on the victim of cheating? These are all questions everyone wants to know.  They don’t understand cheating; in fact cheating can be an addiction just like a drug addiction.

 There are different types of relationships, some strong and rely solely on trust, others unfaithful and continue to stay in a “cheating relationship”.  Not only does cheating hurt the other person emotionally, it can also affect you physically too.  Anxiety, stress, mistrust, worry, sadness, depression are all emotions one may experience.  You wouldn’t think there would be physical systems on the person being betrayed, but there are! These emotional feelings can turn into health concerns.  Some of the more common physical symptoms are loss of weight, high blood pressure, lack of motivation, loss of hair, unhealthy eating habits, poor hygiene and many more.