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Apr 15

Eat Worms to Lose Weight 2011

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Remember when eating a worm was a childhood double-dare?  Well disgustingly enough, it now happens to be a dieting technique for many females in China.  Would you be willing to EAT WORMS to lose weight? 

Well, Chinese women believe that being thinner means looking better and they often face difficulties landing a job, so they feel this roundworm diet may be the key for success.  So, in effect, Chinese female students are seen eating roundworm eggs to shed some weight before job interviews.  Even a famous female pop star in China has participated in this diet trend: what a role model.  Roundworms are the most common parasite in the world.  When swallowed, roundworm eggs hatch in the stomach and feed on the food you’ve already eaten… basically eating up your food consumption; thereby resulting in lost weight without having to participate in the traditional procedures of eating healthily and exercising.


This frightening and repulsive dieting technique is dangerous and unhealthy!  Worms can wind up hatching in body parts other than the stomach, such as the lungs, brain, eyes, or even the liver!  They also can even end up in the heart, causing major heart problems.  Roundworms also eat up our vitamins and nutrients!  The adult worms can grow up to a foot long (ew)Eating roundworm eggs may cause stomach pains, allergic reactions, asthma, pneumonia, problems sleeping, extreme weight loss (even anorexia), and swelling of body organs.

So how can roundworm infection are treated?  Some treatment solutions are Vitamin A supplements, anti-parasitic drugs, or surgery in some cases may be needed.  More natural options for treatments include a balanced diet, as well as eating herbs/spices such as garlic or cinnamon.