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Dec 14

Why E-Cigarettes May Not Be Safe Either

Posted by jay11284 in nicotine , e-cigs , e-cigarettes , Cancer


If you have been to the mall recently shopping for the holidays you have probably seen a stand selling smoke-free electronic cigarettes. At first, this seems like a good, less obtrusive way to smoke compared to the original option; some studies suggest that it may not be the safest device to put to your lips. 


Sep 13


Posted by InfernoCrcl3 in tobacco , smoking , nicotine , e-cigarettes


    E-cigarettes are the latest trend for smoking.  An e-cigarette stands for an electronic cigarette in which you can smoke nicotine or other drugs.  Typically, they are thought to be “better” than regular cigarettes for two reasons, one you can reuse t hem and two because you do not smoke tobacco.    

    Though, many marketing firms who market this product are running into problems because they are being warned that they are not marketing their products the way they were intended to be marketed.  Essentially, the FDA says the firms “have 15 working days to correct ‘practices which violate various provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.’”

    It seems they have the same false advertising as cigarettes do.  Most things that you smoke are not going to be overall healthy for you.