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Mar 08

Yoga 2011

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          Since Yoga is an excellent way to increase the body’s flexibility and manage stress, this has became most popular body exercises for lots of females. However, if we are not well prepared and informed about how to do yoga, it can also be a prime way to hurt ourselves. Actually, yoga is a method which involves stretching our body to its limit, increasing the range of motion and complexity of exercises as our body is ready to do so. If we want to learn how to do yoga, it’s important to learn proper technique right from the get goes, to ensure we don’t injure our body along the way.           Today, I’d like to introduce some yoga pose and share with all of you how to do yoga safety.
          First of all, I’m going to introduce the equipments we need during the yoga exercises. It is also important when we learn how to do yoga to use the proper equipment and clothing. Loose, stretchy workout wear is the best choice for yoga, since it provides plenty of give for our movements. Most people prefer to do yoga barefoot, although we can wear socks designed for this purpose as well. In fact, the only equipment we will need is a non-slip yoga met, which will allow us to perform our asana comfortably and safely. The right instruction and equipment when learning how to do yoga will make all the difference in the safety of our workout sessions.
          Then, let’s learn some simple yoga poses. We have to do the same pose for at least 20 minutes every day.

pose 1: seated and twist

Monkey Pose