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Aug 03

Effects of computer screens on your eyes

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Many people today rely on computers for almost everything they want to do. Shopping, emailing and looking for the best deals are just some examples of this. After a while of searching for what you wanted to accomplish don’t your eyes hurt you?  Don’t you either have to look away after staring at the computer screen for a long period of time, or don’t you have to rub your eyes a little? I would say your eyes probably do hurt you and you would be part of the majority if you have to do either of the two choices I laid out for you people.

Playing sports after looking at the computer screen for a long period of time is tough especially if it is a bright sunny day out. The feeling I get sometimes is like walking out of a dark cave and looking into the sun on a bright day anyone else feel that way? I have a quick story to share with you people.  My brother’s job entailed working on the computer all day and after work he used to play sports.  By the end of the summer he thought he needed glasses because he complained that he couldn’t see the ball as well in any sport he played.  He had perfect vision but because he stared at the computer screen for long periods of time he thought his vision got distorted. Speaking of glasses, what about reading books after looking at the computer screen it hurts your eyes for that first second or minute right?