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Jan 31

Myths and facts about depression

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depression"Depression", this term is not uncommon. Through resources such as stories, articles and books we are constantly exposed to ideas about depression, like what causes depression. How to treat depression. What demographic is most likely to be affected by depression. The information load is staggering! Now many of you may be thinking that having all this information is a good think, well not necessarily. Having all this information would be a good thing, great actually, but only if we knew for a fact that all the information we have is true. Because depression is such a largely discussed topic and many people have given in their own ideas and inputs, whether they be factual or not, it is hard to discern what is truth and what is myth.

Below is a list of ideas about depression that people have been throwing around, and whether they are fact or myth.

May 28

Feeling good has never tasted better: How Honey and Cinnamon can remedy common health problems

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I bet you didn't know that raw honey is the only food item that doesn’t spoil. You might consider stocking your medicine cabinet with raw, unpasteurized honey and cinnamon powder the next time you go shopping, as they both have uses beyond just the kitchen. Honey and cinnamon powder have been known to cure colds, upset stomachs, pimples, bladder infections, fatigue, bad breath and some societies even use the combination for infertility! The added benefit of using honey to cure health issues is the absence of side effects. Here are a few of the uses the pair has had success in remedying: