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Jan 25

Keep Your Children Away From Junk Food

Posted by Cathy in parenting 2011 , nutrition 2011 , lunch box 2011 , junk food


5 reasons to away from Junk Food:

Reason 1: High salt content: Junk foods are mostly the processed foods such as potato chips, and are loaded with salt. The amount of salt intake for children aged in between 7 to 10 should be 5 gram per day; however, it has been found that in an average the children of that age has about three times more than 5 gram! This excess intake of salts can dehydrate the body and in future it could hamper the kidneys.

Reason 2: High oil amount: Junk foods also contain too much oil that is rich in saturated fats which are considered unhealthy for everyone. Apart from increasing the fat amount, it also increases the chances of developing cardiovascular problem early in one’s life. Additionally, such saturated fats are not easy to digest and also they produce excess toxins after they are digested. These toxins are harmful for our major organs and can also increase the change of premature aging.