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Jul 13

Your hair continues to grow even after you die!

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Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know happened to your hair…

Jun 15

The 'Did you knows' about depression 2011

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The ‘did you knows’ about depression

Jun 13

What to do when she's not in the mood

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Jun 07

Men and Women are Not Equal, and That is Okay

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Guy With Opinions

Men and women are not equal.

And I don’t think they should be. How many of you are yelling “sexist!” at your screens? Well read on, and maybe I’ll change your minds.

Ask any mathematician, scientist, or logician what the definition of equality is. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You didn’t actually ask, did you?

Sep 13

Gardasil for Men

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       We’ve all heard of Gardasil for women which is a vaccination for HPV, human papillomavirus virus which could potentially lead to cervical cancer in women.  But, through research and experimenting, it is now possible for men to get the Gardasil vaccination. 

The vaccination can be given to men between the ages 9 and 26, just like for women.  It can help prevent genital warts on men from the 6 and 11 types of HPV.  According to the FDA, “about two of every 1,000 men in the United States are newly diagnosed with HPV.”

       It is important to speak to your doctor about receiving the Gardasil vaccination to help protect yourself from HPV.  It is the most commonly spread STD in the United States.