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Mar 22

Nomophobia, Can You Live Without Your Smartphone?

Posted by Emma Alexandra in smartphone , scared , phones , phobias , phobia , nomophobia , fear , cellphone

Emma Alexandra

Nowadays there are so many phobias out there it seems like every citizen suffers from at least one, whether it is Nyctophobia (fear of the dark or night), Altophobia (fear of heights), Apiphobia  (fear of bees), another one of the hundreds of diagnosed phobias, or the new fear that has taken over this generation, Nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of losing or being without one’s mobile phone.

Researchers from SecurEnvoy, a company that specialized in digital passwords, discovered that approximately 66% of smart phone users are nomophobic. These people fear what would happen to them and their day to day life if they were to misplace their phone. I was not completely surprised by the findings. I have been hearing statements like “my whole life is on this phone”, “It took me six months to get my contacts back after I lost my phone last time”, and “I didn’t have any service in the mountains, I felt isolated” for a couple years now. Also, I see this ‘addiction’ in those close to me; most of my friends and family type away on their phones all day, every day. I was visiting my friends with my boyfriend one day and at one point my boyfriend tells me we are all on our smartphones. It was true. If you looked around the room, out of 6 people, 5 were playing some type of game or reading texts. This was going on while we are all watching television.