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Aug 24

Ways to Relieve PMS

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Whether you get obnoxiously irritable, feel enormously fatter than your norm, hear your chocolately cravings calling you, or simply suffer from pains in your stomach, we all have our own warning signs that our time of the month is approaching.   This uncomfortable precursor to the arrival of our you-know-what, is called PMS. 


 “PMS” stands for “premenstrual syndrome” which typically happens 10 or so days before your monthly gift.  You may wonder, what causes PMS?  Scientific sources say that we should blame our changing hormone levels.  Is some Advil or Midol our only saving grace? 

Jun 29

Young and Hot...Flashes

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hot flash

Are you a female and under the age of 50?  Well odds are that you probably don’t consider menstrual hot flashes to be an issue of much concern.  However, what you may not realize is that menstrual hot flashes may unknowingly be part of your pre-menopausal life.

 Firstly, what exactly happens internally during a menstrual hot flash?  Menstrual hot flashes are usually characterized by an increase in blood flow, thereby attributing to a much faster heart rate and a greater feeling of anxiousness.  This in turn, causes the very-well known traits of menstrual hot flashes: perspiration and flushing of the face.

 So what causes menstrual hot flashes in women who are still in their premenopausal years? Younger women who have their period, or are expecting their period to come very soon, may suffer from hot or cold flashes.  Unfortunately, these menstrual hot flashes may be more intense than the kind your mother suffers or suffered from.  Menstrual hot flashes obviously don’t affect all younger women, but don’t think that something is outlandishly wrong with you if you are one of the premenopausal girls experiencing a flash episode.  Normal causes of menstrual hot flashes are low estrogen levels (during or near menstruation), smoking, drinking alcohol, extreme changes in environmental temperature, caffeine, spicy food, etc.

 However, if you experience a menstrual hot flash or cold flash for that matter and you are NOT on or close to getting your period, you may want to consult a doctor.  Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may be an indicator of a serious problem.


  •  Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may indicate pituitary gland abnormalities

  •  Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may indicate premature ovarian failure: This is when ovaries lose their functioning capabilities before menopause.  This can ultimately lead to infertility! Luckily, this can be treated with vitamin D and calcium 

  • Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may indicate that you may be a victim of panic attacks: A symptom of panic attacks includes hot flashes filled with sweatiness and an increased heart rate!

  • Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may indicate an overactive thyroid condition (Hyperthyroidism).

  • Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may indicate a sulfite or nitrite filled diet.

  • Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may indicate abnormal estrogen levels:  High estrogen levels occur when the ovaries don’t release an egg during reproductive cycles and the estrogen levels aren’t able to balance out.  This can lead to unusual bleeding patterns but can luckily be treated with birth control.  Abnormally low estrogen levels could also be to blame.

  • Menstrual hot flashes in younger women may be a result of other various health conditions such as stress, diabetes, cancer, etc.