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Jan 11

Get your beautiful skin by eating 2011

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A balanced diet is an essential prescription for healthy and vibrant skin. The good news is that the foods that happen to be good for your skin are also good for your overall health. Many people find that the appearance of aging skin --- wrinkles, thickening, discoloration, and decreased elasticity --- is one of their biggest beauty concerns. While genetics largely determines when your skin starts to show these signs of aging, and the extent to which it shows them, environment damage to your skin, as well as damage you cause yourself through lifestyle choices, can greatly accelerate this process.

Skin damage occurs as a result of oxidation, a chemical process in which unstable molecules called free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells. The most damaging oxidative stressors that we expose ourselves to are smoking and sunlight.

Skin and Nutrition

Jul 23

Silicon is good for your health?

Posted by BHalll in sources , skin , silicon , research , mineral , health , hair , element , beauty



Silicon, known as a beauty mineral, is the second most abundant element on earth, with the first being oxygen. Silicon is an essential mineral that the body requires for robust and flexible joints, strong bones and glowing skin. It is necessary for the diet, as it increases the benefits of vitamin D, calcium and glucosamine.

Jul 20

The Whiter the Better?

Posted by Courtney6190 in whiter , whitening , white , skin , race , melanin , lightening , complexion , bleaching


Ever want to lighten your skin for any reason? Such reasons could be to lighten the appearance of a mole, remove freckles all together, or in some cases completely change the complexion of your entire body.

In today’s world, where people frequent the beach and utilize numerous over the counter products to darken the color of their skin and get that perfect beach bronzed body, there are many people who want the opposite result. Instead of a tanning bed, they would prefer a lemon.  Now the reasons behind this desire to lighten one’s skin are controversial in nature, bringing up issues of race supremacy, identity, and self image, but the fact remains that many people still want to become lighter. Society should take a look at the issue behind their desire, but meanwhile there are many companies harnessing this market.

To answer the needs of people wanting to become lighter in appearance, manufacturers make various skin-whitening products. Some warn that that active ingredients in these products could be dangerous and harmful, using chemicals such as mercurous chloride. Others argue that there are safe alternatives to bleach one’s skin, and that there are skin lightening formulas which do not contain chemicals harmful to skin and are safe to use. For example staying out of the sun is a good way to lighten one’s overall skin color, yet this can be trickier than you think. Understand this means no beach, protective clothing, and mostly indoor activities while your friends enjoy beautiful days.