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Mar 16

Broker Smokers 2011

Posted by Hali in smoking health effects , smoking costs 2011 , smoking commercials , smoking


While watching the news last night, a truly disturbing commercial popped on the screen. It started off with the sounds of a stroke-stricken woman in bed, who was painfully wheezing (even with the help of her oxygen tubes) while her husband helped her with her bedpan.  The description truly doesn’t justify the images or sounds, so click here for video

Apparently, the new 62 cent federal tax on cigarettes in New York isn’t the only disincentive to smoking out there; as these anti-smoking commercials are seemingly getting more and more grisly and graphic.  This wheezing commercial is the latest public anti-smoking campaign from New York City’s Health Department and it truly does a good job in gluing the viewer to the screen to portray the frightening and harmful effects of smoking, in addition to the effects you leave on your loved ones.  The advertisement states that “Dying from smoking is rarely quick … and never painless” and that a stroke involves “suffering every minute of every day.”

Although education about the harmful health effects regarding smoking seems like a given in today’s society, few people realize its hidden costs.  There’s the increased skin aging, dulling of taste buds, possible hair loss, and even coldness of hands and feet!  One must keep in mind the monetary cost of cigarettes.  Tobacco prices are continuously increasing and it definitely can add up to have a serious impact on one’s budget.  Next there’s the actual cost of repairing the self-inflicted health damages.  Also, smoking has a cost on health/life insurance premiums!  There is an additional charge for smokers! 

Think about the stench of cigarette smoke which lingers on your body, even after that first puff.  Clothing, breath, and hair follicles all retain that stale smell.  What if you tried to sell your home, or your car?  Good luck getting that highly priced sale you were hoping for.  Who would want to conduct business with someone that smells so nauseating?  Perhaps a fellow smoker, but other than that, no one!  Furthermore, things are often purchased to cover up the smell.  Gum, sprays, dry-cleaning, etc. surely the list goes on and on.  Lastly, and most importantly, your final cost would be the quitting costs such as patches, gums, or even medical prescriptions. 

Apart from the classically spoken about negatives of smoking, are those hidden costs on loved ones.  It was difficult enough to watch the commercial mentioned above; imagine being the husband changing the bedpan.