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Jun 20

Being Fashionable Can KILL You

Posted by AlannaRose in womens health and beauty 2011 , womens health and beauty , 


Is there really health risks associated with looking fashionable? In today’s society wearing tight jeans and high heels and the new trend, but can it be hazardess to your health? In the Victorian era, women laced themselves in whalebone a corset, what we are doing in today’s society isn’t so far-fetched from this idea.  Clothes that are too tight constrict your airways and hug your waist, putting all the pressure on your stomach.  This leads to heart burn, acid reflex and impaired digestion.  Ladies, looking good makes us feel beautiful which in turn makes us feel great, but is the risk of being fashionable important enough to hazard your health?

Skinny jeans are causing “Tingling thigh syndrome”, resulting in numbness of the legs. Even though the trend this season is skinny jeans, when the jeans are too-tight jeans it compress a nerve that cuts off sensation to the thigh.  There is also a risk of getting yeast infection, as a result of wearing super tight skinny jeans. (NO woman wants that!)  When you add Spanx to the mix you don’t want to produce extra sweat down there. (Never a good health risk EWW!!) Skinny jeans are culprit and add a pair of stilettos heels to the mix pushes the pelvis forward, which is causing more pressure on the nerve. Too tight clothes actually constrict your airways. If you wear a tight bra, to create the “push up” look, not only does it produce unsightly bulges, it will actually cause shortness of breath.  Wearing tight clothing is a growing trend, and we all want to keep up with the latest fashion but for health precautions try a size larger.  You can still show off your lady-like assets, but in a healthier way.  Nobody wants to see muffin top-age or bulging stomachs anyway.