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Sep 07

Pain in the Throat

Posted by InfernoCrcl3 in tonsils , sore throat , sleep apnea , adenoids


       Suffering from enlarged or sore tonsils is a very frustrating and painful thing.  Having enlarged and/or sore tonsils may cause you to have difficulty eating, breathing and drinking.  If a person has chronic tonsil issues, it may be time to visit an ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat doctor).  The ENT will administer a number of tests that will allow him or her to determine the issue your tonsils are having.  Sometimes it may just be a bacterial issue that will clear up, but other times it is just something that forces your tonsils to have to be removed.

       The tonsils and adenoids are a mass of immune cells found in your lymph glands.  Having infected or enlarged tonsils or adenoids may cause a person to have bad breath, sleep apnea, ear pain, difficulty swallowing, loud snoring and other similar symptoms.  Your ENT may suggest a tonsillectomy which is the removal of the tonsils permanently.  A tonsillectomy is usually advised to be done when the patient is younger, but clearly, that is not always the case.  Along with a tonsillectomy, your doctor might suggest and adenoidectomy.  The tonsils and adenoids do a lot of things together medical support group. 

       Before making the final decision of removing the tonsils, it is important to keep in mind some risk factors.