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Jan 24

Ten foods of 2011 that will give you more energy

Posted by jfrancis in Yogurt , vitamins , Sugar , nutrients , more energy 2011 , lifestyle , healthy


Our world today is a world filled with constant movement. There is no such thing as slowing down, only speeding up and those who can't keep up with this pace are at a high risk of being left behind. So how do we keep up with this fast pace world? For those who are not designed like the energizer bunny, many of us turn to coffee and other energy drinks and foods riddled with high doses of caffeine, sugar, and other unknown substances. But did you know there are other, healthier alternatives to these quick energy boosters that are not only good for your body but will also give you more energy over longer periods of time without the risk of a sugar crash side effect? It's true, Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of resources that can help us keep up with this fast pace world and still feel good.

Here is a list of ten foods that will give you more energy:whole grains

Whole grains

Jun 18

Do You Know What’s in Your Food?

Posted by Courtney6190 in vitamins , unsaturated , trans fats , Sugar , sodium , secret , saturated , Protein , 


You shouldn’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes to the labels on your food. Companies are able to mislead consumers by advertising healthier foods when in actuality their products contain completely different amounts of vitamins, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, fat- both saturated and unsaturated, sodium, cholesterol and various other ingredients.