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Jan 03

It Just Takes 20 Minutes to Look and Feel Great

Posted by cleanclosets08 in workout , work out , weight loss , home , exercise , Diet


You don't have to workout as long as you think you do for results. Everyone is always busy with life and sometimes it's hard to find time for a workout. After reading these few bits of advice you won't have the "I have no time" excuse anymore. Just a quick 20 minute workout can help you get going on the right foot for the new year. These less than 20 minute long workouts can help cover all the bases of gaining strength, speed and building up endurance and of course helping you loose the holiday weight you may have gained.

This just in, YOU DON'T NEED A GYM to workout. All you need is some creativity and the desire to do something good for yourself. Here are 4 ways to help you get back on track without paying $50 a month or more for a gym that you have to drive to.

Strength Boost

Dec 23

Christmas: No Excuse To Not Workout

Posted by jay11284 in workout , weight loss , thin , Running , holidays , fat , christmas


It's 2 days before Christmas. Hopefully all of your gifts are purchased and wrapped and hopefully you have all of the food, wine and beer bought too! One thing that you also shouldn't forget about is your workout routine. Something as simple as going for a run on Christmas Eve Morning or even for a quick run on Christmas Day after you and the kids open up your presents can greatly improve your health and decrease your holiday gut. 

Still Run

You know that you are going to be eating more than you normally would over Christmas so why not burn some calories and get your metabolism sped up before you indulge? Many families celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so that means extra calories. Don't forget about going out with the office, or going out with friends for Christmas dinner in the weeks before or after. 

Oct 20

5 Workouts That Battle Stress

Posted by jay11284 in workout , work out , Stress , Relief


Most people have probably heard that working out can help relieve stress. But do you know which workouts are best for stress relief? Exercise doesn't just make you look and feel healthier physically, it's helps you feel better mentally too. Sticking to a workout program involves discipline but in the end your efforts are worth your time. 

Five Approaches to Relieving Stress while Working Out:

1. Check Yourself Out /  Master a Skill Sport

Jul 09

How to Workout Without Hitting the Gym

Posted by jross713 in workout , tips , health


I didn't have time to get to the gym yesterday. Or the day before that. Or today. I'm aching to get some cardio in, and maybe some squats, but my schedule simply doesn't allow for it. These are realities we have to face as busy college students and working professionals. Here are some ways to incorporate small workouts and weight loss tips into your day.

1. Take the stairs. Especially if your destination is on a low number floor (2, 3, 4!), opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. It's kind of like doing squats, and it's a green alternative that will save energy in the building.

2. Don't drink coffee. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is one of the best ways you can continue to burn calories throughout the day and keep your metabolism up. The caffeine and sugar in drinks like coffee, juice, tea, and soda are diuretics and will cause you to lose water and feel more fatigued.

Jun 25

the importance of stretching

Posted by jross713 in workout , stretching , gym


I try to go to the gym consistently. Especially during the summer months, I want to maintain a regular weight and stay toned. Bikinis are the ENEMY and I must win the battle of the bulge. However, going to the gym isn't only about shedding winter weight. First and foremost, it is to keep in shape and stay healthy.

Kickboxing, stepping, and yoga are some of my favorite classes offered at my gym. Of the three, the most important is probably yoga.

Why yoga? Many people question yoga's ability to whip you into shape. Whenever it comes up I find myself in the middle of an debate, one side arguing that yoga tones your muscles and increases your strength, the other countering that it is silly and useless. Personally, I think they're both wrong.

Apr 26

My P90X Introduction

Posted by deborahcentore in workout , P90X , exercise



I have recently began an at home exercise system called P90X.  This exercise program emphasizes full-body fitness and consists of cardiovascular, strength training and stretching exercises.  The “X” in P90X stands for extreme, which is no joke.  This is the most intense workout system I have ever endured.

I am doing the lean body version which is aimed primarily at fat loss, which substitutes extra cardio for some of the strength training exercises.  This is perfect for me because my goal is to lose a few pounds.  Also because I am not very strong so less strength training and more cardio is best.  Otherwise, I would seriously hurt myself.  The program is a combination of 12 discs.  At the beginning of each disc there is a warning!  A warning at the beginning of a work out is crazy, but definitely necessary for this workout program.  Even I, a 24 year old healthy female, should stay away from some of the workouts; they’re just too “extreme” for me.