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Nov 03

Taxing Alcohol is a Bright Idea

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As done with cigarettes and similar products, the government raised taxes on smoking products and implemented bans in establishments, which was meant, in part, to benefit the well-being of everyone, not just non-smokers.


Will such a tax on alcohol benefit more than it harms? A new study finds that taxing alcohol will have a wide range of benefits such as a reduction in crime, alcohol-related deaths, car accidents, and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, MyHealthNewsDaily reports.


One of the study’s researchers, Alexander Wagenaar, professor of health outcomes and policy at the University of Florida College of Medicine said by imposing an alcohol tax, "thousands of lives could be saved.” The study asserts that with alcohol taxes in place, health care costs can be avoided.


By doubling the alcohol tax, there is a 35 percent decrease in alcohol-related mortality (death from liver disease), an 11 percent decrease in death from automobile accidents, a 6 percent decrease in sexually transmitted diseases and a 2 percent decrease in violence, the study finds.


With the potential of so many benefits, it’s possible an alcohol tax may come to a town near you in the future.

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written by jay11284, Wednesday, 08:05 PM, November 03, 2010
Personally I think when a company taxes something like Tabacco, Sugar or Alcohol they do it purely for money. Even if alcohol gets more expensive I don't think it would stop people from drinking and doing destructive things.
Additionally, I think it would hurt businesses that sell alcohol too. If people drink less their business suffers and when businesses suffer it doesn't help anyone.
written by MichaelSwedenberg, Thursday, 01:25 PM, November 04, 2010
I agree. Politicians like the "sin taxes" because no one feels comfortable complaining. Take cigarettes for instance. The politicians say we need to raise taxes to protect children and reduce illness in adults. If that was the true motivation, then simply outlaw the product. They won't, of course, because they want the tax revenue. With alcohol, make it so expensive and the black market will fill the need, just like they do in New York with cigarettes.
written by SoMuchToSay1, Thursday, 07:12 PM, November 04, 2010
Yea I am also confused as to how it would save thousands of lives. Just like Jay said it's really improbable that people would stop buying alcohol, just like they havent stopped buying cigarettes, or anything else that with extremely high taxes. If anything it would only be more tempting.
written by lovetowalk84, Thursday, 07:53 PM, November 04, 2010
We'd go back to the days of moonshine.

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