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Jul 20

The Whiter the Better?

Posted by: Courtney6190 in Skin Care

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Ever want to lighten your skin for any reason? Such reasons could be to lighten the appearance of a mole, remove freckles all together, or in some cases completely change the complexion of your entire body.

In today’s world, where people frequent the beach and utilize numerous over the counter products to darken the color of their skin and get that perfect beach bronzed body, there are many people who want the opposite result. Instead of a tanning bed, they would prefer a lemon.  Now the reasons behind this desire to lighten one’s skin are controversial in nature, bringing up issues of race supremacy, identity, and self image, but the fact remains that many people still want to become lighter. Society should take a look at the issue behind their desire, but meanwhile there are many companies harnessing this market.

To answer the needs of people wanting to become lighter in appearance, manufacturers make various skin-whitening products. Some warn that that active ingredients in these products could be dangerous and harmful, using chemicals such as mercurous chloride. Others argue that there are safe alternatives to bleach one’s skin, and that there are skin lightening formulas which do not contain chemicals harmful to skin and are safe to use. For example staying out of the sun is a good way to lighten one’s overall skin color, yet this can be trickier than you think. Understand this means no beach, protective clothing, and mostly indoor activities while your friends enjoy beautiful days.

The reason why some people are darker than others is due to hyper pigmentation of the skin or in certain areas and an excess of melanin. Melanin is the pigment produced by your body that determines the color of your hair, eyes, and natural skin color. People with freckles have excess of melanin in certain areas and when these areas are exposed to the sun then they become darker. Those wanting to lighten their skin can use topical creams and gels using the prescription drug retinoid, exfoliates, laser treatments, pills, and even LED lights. Some useful treatments to whiten the skin are mercury, hydroquinone, pomegranate extract, ellagic acid, vitamin E, and ferulic acid, arbutin, tretinoin, alpha hydroxy acids, azelaic acid, kojic acid and cryosurgery.

The only thing to keep in mind is whether or not your outward appearance is that important to you and your self confidence. Should the color of your skin determine your happiness? There is debate over the fact, for several reasons. Some believe that beauty isn’t only skin deep and one must feel happy with their inner self before they can be happy with how they look. They view those wanting to lighten their skin as superficial, but those suffering with the desire to be different than how they are, they don’t feel this way. Many people just want to be who they truly are and feel like they were born into the wrong skin, and they honestly feel like the outside should match the inside. If therapy and talking to friends and loved ones don’t deter you from wanting to change your skin pigmentation, then just make sure the method you choose to lighten your skin with is safe and backed by a credible doctor.


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written by mallorygold, Tuesday, 07:02 PM, July 20, 2010
i always wanna be darker. i loooooove being tan
written by mikef27, Tuesday, 07:11 PM, July 20, 2010
I think people should be comfortable in their own skin

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