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Feb 17

True or False?! Sex Superstition

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Emma Alexandra

Sex is important. It is not the most important part of a relationship, but it should never be ignored. To me, respect and communication are the most important part of love. However, if you and your partner have zero chemistry in bed, chances are you will not feel completely satisfied in your relationship. Personally, I would rather have no sex than terrible sex. But as important as sexual intercourse is, it turns out that many people, including myself, are confused about certain aspects of sex. So, I did some research and came up with this list of myths and truths when it comes to sex.

1.       Great Sex Comes Naturally – MYTH

mythsOK so, you are watching a movie and the two main characters finally realize they like each other. What comes next? Well, great sex obviously. Slow-motion, passionate, mind-blowing sex where both partners are sure to have the most intense orgasms you have ever seen. Now here comes real life. Chances are the first time you have sex with someone new, it will not be great. Even if you have been told that you are great in bed by your last few boyfriends, it doesn’t mean every man you will date will agree. Each individual has his own rhythm and desires. Some are very conservative in bed, some are out of control. It takes a while to find out what works for you as a couple, so be patient and keep an open mind.


2.       Men Can Have Erection-Free Orgasms – weirdly enough TRUE

Who would have known? Apparently, many men can achieve orgasm even if they do not have an erection. This was shown by studies of men post-prostate cancer. Sometimes, because of rigid treatments, after prostate cancer men find themselves unable to have an erection but are still able to achieve orgasm. Good news for you guys out there in this situation, with more treatment the rigidity of your erection can be restored over time.

3.       Fantasizing About Someone Other Than Your Partner Is Bad – MYTH

Who here can really say that they have never been attracted to anybody outside of their relationship? Be honest, because it is not a bad thing. As it turns out, 90% of sexually active people let their mind wonder during sex. Most of them think about friends or co-workers, some about famous and gorgeous actors or actresses. It is completely normal. The only thing is, do not call your partner by your neighbors name. That can show that maybe the neighbor has been on your mind a bit more than just once in a while during a fantasy.

4.       I Had 3 Orgasms Last Night! No You Did Not! – MYTH

Researchers have some news for us. Multiple orgasms are nothing more than aftershocks related to the original orgasm. Sorry guys, if you had sex last night and your girl came three times, it is not necessarily because you were amazing.  She only came once but chances are it was intense. Aftershocks are still very pleasurable for women and some men (very few men actually experience a “second” orgasm)

5.       The Woman Cannot Get Pregnant If The Man Pulls Out – MYTH

This is the most dangerous myth, especially for young women. The “pull-out” method does not work. And if you have tried and not gotten pregnant, it is not because the method works, but because this particular time, the sperm did not attach itself to the egg. The ejaculatory fluid starts seeping out of the penis before the actual orgasm. Also, pre-ejaculation also contains sperm and it can get the woman pregnant. So protect yourself, wear a condom. Not only will you be protected from unwanted pregnancy, you will be safe from STDs as well.

6.       Birth Control Is Enough Protection During Casual Sex – MYTH

Birth control will keep you safe from pregnancy, this is true. But if you have not seen your partner’s medical tests, if you cannot be 100% sure your partner is disease free, pregnancy is not your only problem. STDs are everywhere. And people lie about them constantly. If you have to choose between telling a one-night-stand that you have herpes and risk not having sex, and just ignoring the herpes and having sex which would you chose? Sadly, it turns out many, if not most, sexually active people do not disclose information like that to potential partners. So even if you are on birth control, if you are not sure your partner is clean, use a condom.

7.       Oral Sex Is Safer Than Vaginal And/Or Anal – MYTH

Oral Sex is not really sex, right? Since you cannot get pregnant, it is safe, right? NO,NO, NO, NO! It is still sex and you can still contact diseases like syphilis, and so on. And if you have cuts or sores in your month, you can even contact HIV.

8.       Aphrodisiacs can put you in the mood – MYTH

For thousands of years people have used foods, drinks, and spices to get their partner in the mood or enhance their sexual pleasure. But, according to the Food and Drug Administration there is no evidence that known aphrodisiacs have any effect on the libido. So dark chocolate and oysters might make for a great snack, but they will not improve you sex life.

9.       Sex During Pregnancy Is OK?! – True

A lot of couples, especially men, express a fear of hurting the baby during sex (mostly during the last trimester). However, sex is safe for the baby; you cannot poke his eye out or anything. Not only this, but sex is actually recommended for a speedy, healthy labor. Sex is not only pleasurable, it is safe even up to the day of delivery.

10.   Race Is An Indicator Of A Man’s Endowment – MYTH

This is a common myth. You have probably heard it a million times. But, as it turns out, race has nothing to do with the size of a man’s penis. The size has more to do with the genetic makeup of the man.


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written by charlie2012, Saturday, 01:03 AM, March 24, 2012
Sex is actually recommended for a speedy, healthy labor. Sex is not only pleasurable, it is safe even up to the day of delivery.passing kidney stones in women

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