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Dec 14

Why E-Cigarettes May Not Be Safe Either

Posted by: jay11284 in Drugs

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If you have been to the mall recently shopping for the holidays you have probably seen a stand selling smoke-free electronic cigarettes. At first, this seems like a good, less obtrusive way to smoke compared to the original option; some studies suggest that it may not be the safest device to put to your lips. 


E-Cigarettes let you light up for nicotine needs without the nasty smoke smell or without smoke getting into your lungs. This also helps with keeping your home smelling normal instead of having that awful smell of smoke all the time around your family. 


Like anything involving cigarettes these come with some health concerns. A study by the journal Tobacco Control has found a few things that should concern a users safety. There is a lack of adequate labeling, leaks of nicotine containing liquid. They even found that not all of the manufactures claim that effectiveness of this product is backed by scientific research. 


It's obvious that more regulation should be put on these products that distribute a drug into a person's body but the United States Federal Appeals Court doesn't seem to agree. They found that the battery-operated cigarettes should be regulated as tobacco products not drug-delivery devices ( like nicotine patches, gum or inhalers ). 


These are supposed to help people stop smoking but without proper regulation that they are effective it's hard to control how the product is being used. Some of the manufactures of e-cigs are even suggesting that this is a healthier alternative to cigarettes, which doesn't really help people quit smoking because they are still pumping nicotine into there bodies.


It turns out there is very little evidence having to do with this e-cigarettes. They just showed up everywhere and got sold without anyone knowing what's in them which is really scary when you think of it. They may not have the toxic levels of normal cigarettes but they should be regulated in some fashion because they aren't completely safe. 


Well all know smoking is awful for us, it's shocking that 1 in 5 American men still smoke with all of the research out there telling us to stop.


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written by DMBjamsto41, Tuesday, 05:02 PM, December 14, 2010
Very interesting to read that these also aren't good for people. I wasn't even aware that the contained nicotine. I thought the activity of using one was supposed to replace the desire to smoke.

Thanks for writing about this, very interesting.
written by nat_bez, Tuesday, 08:19 PM, December 14, 2010
This was very interesting. I didn't realize that there wasn't much regulation regarding the e-cigarettes. My aunt used to have one, but eventually it became too much of a hassle and a mess, so she just went back to regular cigarettes.
written by jay11284, Wednesday, 02:28 PM, December 15, 2010
Since I'm not a smoker I will never understand the desire to smoke. It's just so obviously bad for you.
Some people would also say the same thing about having a beer every now and then, to each his own I guess.

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