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Nov 03

Why Pot will Never Become Legal

Posted by: jay11284 in Drugs

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Legalizing pot could help those who need it for medical reasons and it could also help pump more money into our struggling economy. If pot was taxed and legal it would help many. Alcohol in a recent article I read was found to be, by far, the most harmful drug in studies. Alcohol leads to the most fatalities from any other drug but it's very legal and easy to obtain for even underaged teens.

First, Let's Talk About Who Doesn't Want Pot Legalized:

Drug Dealers, Surprised?

If pot is made legal they would loose a lot of their completely Tax-Free income. They aren't as important anymore either because their buyers have other sources.

Doctors and other Medical Professionals - Money, power and prestige is what it all comes down to here as it often does. With medical marijuana prevalent in CA, some doctors turned their practice to writing prescriptions for pot. Their office visits were paid for in cash (which isn't legal). Talk about a gold mine of easy money with no headaches from red tape. Plus, the people that really need medical marijuana worshipped them and the stoners who just wanted legal pot worshipped them too. This all feeds into the god complex that a doctor often has.

Police - How much money do local cops get from the government for drug task forces? To answer this questions simply, A LOT. How many baseless traffic stops have been turned from a potential discrimination law suit into a bust because the cops ‘found’ pot in the vehicle? Many. Without pot being illegal, cops couldn’t bust a lot of people that also deal or buy harder drugs. Legal pot really would mess up the status quo for many police officers. 

Local Gov - Money, loss of revenue and loss of a scape goat. Local governments get many federal grants for drug task forces. They hand them over to the police, but there is always a handling fee. They also know how to get this money. If pot is turned into a legal, taxable item, who knows where all of that money would go? Their current budgets are based on federal grants and current income streams and it’s all ‘balanced’. WIthout someone to blame for the bad stuff (like illegal drug dealers), THEY will be to blame for their poor planning and poor use of resources.

Who Wants Legalization?

  • Stoners
  • Libertarians
  • Sick people who Rely on Pot to ease pain
  • People who want law enforcement officials to focus on real crime
  • People who think pot could be used as a revenue stream for government
  • People who think pot isn’t any worse for you than alcohol (or maybe even better for you)

What’s the Difference Between These Two Groups?

The 3 G's: Gold, God, Glory

  • Gold - Money… Pretty straightforward
  • God - The beliefs of the warring parties. This is a complex issue with a lot of different beliefs. A majority of the legalizer’s beliefs fall under the “why shouldn’t it be legal. Sick people have solid hard core beliefs about legalization. Libertarians just want less government intervention. All the anti-legalization groups have rock solid beliefs about pot and keeping things at the status quo.
  • Glory - Power and influence. The pro-legalization people don’t have anything to gain by legalization but POT. The anti-legalization people have ALL of the power and influence they now have because pot is illegal to LOSE. It will be gone. They have no plan on how to get that back. They NEED power and influence to rule.

The Three G's can show why legalized marijuana will never be passed and also why Universal Healthcare will never be passed either. It's unfortunate on many levels but this is just another example of two sides arguing and nothing getting accomplished.

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written by mm2010, Wednesday, 05:51 PM, November 03, 2010
ahahah that's funny about the dealers.
written by jay11284, Wednesday, 06:08 PM, November 03, 2010
Yea, that's something that I didn't think of initially but it makes sense.
written by MichaelSwedenberg, Thursday, 01:41 PM, November 04, 2010
Frankly, I don't want to live in a society where folks are walking around stoned. Since it can be grown so easily, people will grow their own since it's legal. There will be no tax windfall. The "tax revenue" is just an excuse to justify the legalization. Take it a step further. Let's legalize homicide and we'll tax it to generate revenue for the state. Shoot your annoying neighbor and just pay the state murder tax of $600.
written by jessisthebest, Thursday, 07:02 PM, November 04, 2010
Or as the joke that's going around right now, that all the people that wanted it legalized were too stoned to remember to get to the polls. It definitely makes sense though that there are too many powerful people with too much to lose to ever allow it to pass, although I doubt it would turn many non-smokers into smokers. Haha guess even Zack Galifinakis wasn't enough to convince people to pass the legislation.

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