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Apr 29

Sugar-free is not necessarily penalty-free!

Posted by RandomThght9 in Nutrition , Diet


Over the course of the past few years, products satisfying the ‘sugar-free/low-carb/low-fat’ craze have packed the shelves of supermarkets nationwide. The supply of these products serves as a response to the parallel demand of individuals seeking more healthy alternatives. Despite the increase in health awareness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States as well. But, are artificial sweeteners really the answer?
           Unfortunately, obesity plays a critical role in the development of kidney disease and thus should be addressed accordingly. Logically it would seem as though a ‘sugar-free’ product would be more kidney-friendly than one filled with regular sugar. Counter intuitively, studies have shown that artificial sweeteners may be more damaging in actuality due to their indirect correlation with obesity and direct correlation with decline in kidney function. Sugar substitutes, such as aspartame and sucrolose, are designed to be means for individuals to satisfy their sugar cravings without suffering the consequences of weight gain. But, research has shown that an individual’s body does not digest a sugar-free item in the same method as a typical food item. Typically, one’s digestives system gauges the calorie intake of an individual based on the item’s sweetness. Since sugar-free items obviously lack sugar, the digestive system deems the product as low in calories. Consequently, the body responds with ‘hunger’ signals because the low viscosity/sugar-free item did not fulfill the body’s energy requirements. Inevitably, this leads one to overeat and may eventually cause the individual to develop obesity. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners are chemically manufactured in laboratories, and therefore are not regulated by one’s digestive system in a natural fashion which may directly lead to health issues such as loss in kidney function. So although it is already recommended to avoid consumption of large quantities of sugar for better overall health, it would also be advisable to avoid excess quantities of sugar substitutes. Sugar-free is not necessarily penalty-free! 



Apr 29

Proud or overprotective?

Posted by waterbottle in Untagged 


I am a proud, single mother.  My daughter fulfills me.  She’s the cutest three and a half year old, my pride and joy, and I will do everything possible to protect her.  My sister tells me I am over protective because I make sure she has everything she needs and everything that she wants. My mother bought her a swing set for her third birthday and I set it up in our back yard.  I put it close to the house so I can see her from the kitchen window in case I’m inside.  I also put it away from the fence so when cars drive by the house people cannot see it, I do not want anyone to know there is a child in the house.  I actually don’t keep any toys in the yard at all.  Even her kid sized jeep stays in the garage next to Mommy’s car when we’re done playing with it.  I know I may sound a little paranoid, but I have dreams at night that someone is going to come steal her in the middle of the night.  I absolutely refuse to put one of those “baby on board” signs, or those family window decals on my van.  That goes back to my nightmares.  I am not going to let anyone follow us home and figure out how to kidnap my daughter from me. 

My daughter doesn’t go to the bathroom alone, I need to make sure she wipes and washes her hands properly.  We love to go shopping together, but before we go into the store we always go over the “not to talk to strangers” spiel.  Whenever we go anywhere I make sure she always keeps one hand on me at all times.  Whether we’re holding hands, she is holding the loop on my jeans, or she’s latched on to my purse; I need to feel her holding on.  My daughter has a wonderful imagination, and is always telling people secrets about where she’s going to hide or whatever it is kids whisper about.  But, she knows she has to tell Mommy every single secret.  When she gets home from daycare she tells me all of the secrets the other kids told her.  I just want to make sure someone isn’t telling her secrets about something bad, or something inappropriate.  The thing my sister finds most overprotective is that I traded in my SUV, when my daughter was three moths old, for a mini van.  This was just in case I need to get up and walk to the back if she’s choking or in any other case of emergency.  To me, these things are normal, but my sister tells me it’s too much, that I’m over reacting and being over protective.  I can’t help it.  I’m a single mother; she’s my first child, and my best friend.  I just don’t know any other way.


Apr 29

Myth: Sugar in fruit is healthier than the sugar in candy.

Posted by kasia619 in Nutrition , exercise , Diet


            After spending the last 7 years exercising 5-6 days a week, I consider myself a ‘regular’ at the gym. Personally, my exercise regimen consists of attending a group spin class 3 days a week, circuit training 2 days, and possibly running 4-5 miles on my 6th day.  It’s safe to say that I am, by no means, a novice in regards to diet and fitness. At least, that is what I thought until I spoke with my uncle who has a degree in nutrition and exercise science.


            I adhere to a fairly strict diet, consisting primarily of grilled chicken, seafood, egg whites, vegetables, almond butter, and protein shakes, with the occasional splurge on a cruller, skittles, or peanut butter. Overall, my daily diet is 90% ‘healthy eating’ and 10% ‘unhealthy snacking’. The 10% serves as a form of leeway so I can consistently maintain a realistic diet, while retaining my mental sanity. But, the other day I diverted from my regular diet and I ate an apple to satisfy my sweet tooth. Granted, it is not a serious diversion but because I do not typically consume fruit, I decided to look up its nutritional value on the internet. I noticed that the medium-sized apple I had consisted of a whopping 19 grams of sugar! I was in complete shock because I managed to consume 19 grams of sugar within one sitting. Normally I save a fraction of that amount for the ‘unhealthy snacking’ portion of my diet. I refused to believe that the apple served as my allotted ‘unhealthy snacking’ of the day, so I turned to the internet and my personal trainers expertise for some relief.

Apr 26

My P90X Introduction

Posted by deborahcentore in workout , P90X , exercise



I have recently began an at home exercise system called P90X.  This exercise program emphasizes full-body fitness and consists of cardiovascular, strength training and stretching exercises.  The “X” in P90X stands for extreme, which is no joke.  This is the most intense workout system I have ever endured.

I am doing the lean body version which is aimed primarily at fat loss, which substitutes extra cardio for some of the strength training exercises.  This is perfect for me because my goal is to lose a few pounds.  Also because I am not very strong so less strength training and more cardio is best.  Otherwise, I would seriously hurt myself.  The program is a combination of 12 discs.  At the beginning of each disc there is a warning!  A warning at the beginning of a work out is crazy, but definitely necessary for this workout program.  Even I, a 24 year old healthy female, should stay away from some of the workouts; they’re just too “extreme” for me. 

Apr 24

Is Cancer Preventable?

Posted by BobG in prevent cancer , Cancer


The slogan behind this year's World Cancer Day (which was on February 4th) was "Cancer Can Be Prevented Too". This slogan was backed by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), who stated that 40 percent of the 12.4 million cancers diagnosed and the 7.6 million cancer deaths worldwide could be prevented. Nowadays, when it seems like every other day you hear of someone else being diagnosed with this horrible disease, the idea that cancer is preventable really grabbed my attention.  

The prevention strategies suggested by the UICC include:
" Quitting use of tobacco and avoiding second hand smoke
" Limiting consumption of alcohol
" Avoiding too much sun
" Keeping to a healthy weight through diet and exercise
" Protecting against infections that cause cancer

Now, I don't know about you, but all of these strategies seem pretty simple, and are things we should be doing everyday anyway. I think if we're not already doing them, then we should really take the time, and make the effort, to do so. I mean, it literally could save our lives.