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Nov 30

Britain considers plain packaging for cigarettes

Posted by Smthng2Say98 in World Health Organization , smoking , plain packaging , British policy document , 


A few weeks ago the FDA announced that it would be considering putting up graphic images on American cigarette packages. This week the British government announced in a policy document released today that it will consider doing the opposite and instead go for plain packaging in order to curb the appeal of smoking.

The new packaging would be void of any brands, logos or colors, however, prior to making any changes the government wants to make sure that there is enough evidence to warrant these changes. It will look at the competition and trade implications involved as well as whether or not it would actually be successful in preventing people from starting to smoke. Australia has already implemented the plain packaging and the change will go into effect in July of 2012. While the World Health Organization recommends that this is the best way to discourage smoking, it remains to be seen just how effective this will actually be.

One other consideration mentioned in the document, entitled “Health Lives, Healthy People” is to consider reimplementing the ban that was put in effect by the previous government on the display of tobacco products in stores. The former Labor government forced stores to store their cigarettes under the counter instead of on display shelves. Of course the big tobacco makers will be going to courts to challenge these bans as well as the packaging idea.

Nov 30

Ways to Cure Your Digestive Problems through Simple Yoga Techniques

Posted by in liver problem , liver diseases , digestive problems , digestive health , digestive

Apart from intensifying the major muscles of the body, the Yoga asanas can also be used to cure various problems of the digestive system. In fact, a lot of poses of Yoga help increase the metabolic rate of the body that in turn results in an enhanced digestive system. Along with various digestive problems, yoga asanas also help in controlling skin diseases, liver problems and menstrual problems.

The first yoga asana that is considered to be the best healer of digestive problems is – The Pranayama. The asana helps you to increase the rate of oxygen supply in the body by correcting the breathing pattern, which in turn ensures an improved metabolic rate and helps us to digest the food inside our stomach easily.

Apart from The Pranayama, the other yoga asanas that can be done for improving digestion and to get rid of various digestive problems are vajrasana, bhujangasana, shankhaprakshalana, pawanmuktasana, mayurasana, shalabhasana, matsyendrasana, sarvangasana, shavasana and paschimottanasana.

Nov 29

Adult picky eaters: more than just being stubborn

Posted by nat_bez in selective eating disorder , Nancy Zucker , Duke Center for Eating


Adult picky eating now recognized as selective eating disorderIt may sound quirky and even unbelievable to some, but scientists believe that adult picky eaters may suffer from a previously unrecognized or even neglected eating disorder called selective eating disorder. While most people have several foods they avoid or don’t like, these super picky adult eaters believe that there are only a few foods that are able to eat. While this may seem frivolous or just stubbornness, the disorder does take a toll on peoples’ lives. Some may get sick, gag, or even vomit at the sight or ingestion of certain foods. They get stressed during social situations involving food and usually come up with excuses to not eat in the company of others. The extreme pickiness even affects their career choices, family life and even marriage.

Nancy Zucker, an eating researcher and the director for the Duke Center for Eating Disorders first took an interest in the subject after many adults started coming to her for help. Soon after she set out to find out just how prevalent this problem was.  Zucker and her team set up an online registry with a detailed survey to gauge the affected number, and in 5 months, she had 7,500 registered people online, much more than was ever expected; an additional 11,000 people started the survey, but did not finish it. Zucker says that her team will look at the survey in more detail early next year.

Nov 28


Posted by MarcosFleury in Substance , driving , alcohol , abuse


Effects of Alcohol on Driving Performance

Alcohol is an addictive drug that depresses the brain (central nervous system). Blood alcohol content (BAC) may be affected by gender, physical condition, weight, medication and other factors.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Nov 24

Thanksgiving - Keeping it Healthy

Posted by jay11284 in Weight , Thanksgiving , healthy , Food , calories


Thanksgiving doesn't have to make you pack on the pounds. Making wise decisions before and after your meal will help you feel less bloated and less fat when the meal is over. 

The average American will consume over 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving this year - you don't have to be a part of this statistic! Follow these tips and tricks to help your Thanksgiving be a little more on the healthy side. 

Water & Veggies Are Key: 

Nov 24

HIV drug found helpful in preventing infection in gay men

Posted by BeAcHbAbE03 in Truvada , National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disea , HIV , 


We really have come so far in the battle against the AIDS epidemic. Besides the new UN report of 56 countries saying that the number of new infections has decreased or stabilized, new research has found that a daily dose of Truvada can cut the risk of infection in gay men by as much as 44% when used in conjunction with counseling, condoms and other prevention methods. Those who took the medication close to or every day upped their protection to a whopping 73%.

The finding has been called a “major advance” although it was initially believed that it would give men a false comfort and that they would be less likely to use condoms. Surprisingly, the complete opposite happened: risky sexual behavior actually declined. Researchers warn that condoms should still be the “first line of defense,” and also are not sure if these findings apply to heterosexual partners and drug users that could be exposed to HIV.

Nov 23

Kidney news wrap up: Pomegranate juice, Vytorin and transplants

Posted by waterbottle in vytorin , pomegranate juice , New England Journal of Medicine , merck


Researchers find benefits in pomegranate juice

The U.S. has recently discredited POM Wonderful’s claims that its juices can help with everything ranging from prostate cancer to heart disease, but new research conducted in Israel has found that the  juice may indeed live up to the hype. In a study funded by the Ministry of Health, Israeli researchers, led by Dr. Batya Kristal, of Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya found that patients on dialysis that had several cups of the juice each week had decreased their chances of infection. Infections are the second leading killer of patients on dialysis with an estimated 350,000 American deaths each year.

Instead of POM, the study used a brand made by Naturafod, one that had the highest level of polyphenol antioxidants. Antioxidants can reduce the cell damage caused by free radicals; the juice was thus chosen because kidney patients have a higher level of free radicals in the blood because it circulates through the dialysis device. In the study, half of 101 patients were given half a cup of juice three times a week for over a year, and the other half were given a placebo. The results showed that those with the real juice made fewer hospital trips as a result of infection- 40% less in the first hospitalization and 80% less in the second. Additionally, the juice drinkers had less inflammatory molecules in the blood. The findings were presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s meeting known as Renal Week in Denver, Colorado.

Nov 19

Toning shoes—do they really work or are they just a waste of your money?

Posted by Smthng2Say98 in toning shoes , Skechers , Shape-Ups , Reebok , New Balance , American Council


Are the benefits of toning shoes too good to be true?We’ve all heard and seen the advertisements for the slew of fitness shoes that have hit the market recently. The big players are Skechers Shape-Ups, Reebok EasyTone, MBT shoes from Masai Barefoot Technology as well as the new toning– shoes– that– don’t– look –like–they’re– toning– shoes from New Balance. The company claims in regards to their shoes are certainly incredible. But are they true?

The claims

Reebok is a bit more conservative in their claims, saying that their shoes “tone and strengthen key leg muscles with every step,” while Skechers’ claims seem absurdly far-fetched. The company says that their “Shape-ups are designed to help you strengthen your muscles, including your back, abdomen and calves. Shape-ups will help you lose weight and improve your circulation, creating a healthier you!”Other ads will have you believing that Shape-Ups will also “improve posture, reduce stress on your back and legs, firm your buttocks and tone your thighs – even reduce cellulite!” Both companies say that these claims are supported by numerous research studies (aptly titled website can be viewed here) as well as millions of satisfied customers.  

Nov 18

New Merck cholesterol drug shows great promise

Posted by moveforward21 in statin , Merck , LDL cholesterol , heart attack , HDL cholesterol , Bringham


Merck, the pharmaceutical giant, has announced a new experimental drug that showed incredible results in its initial trial of 1,623 patients. What makes it so different, is that for years statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) such as Lipitor and Zocor, focused on just that—lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, but this new drug, anacetrapib, would be the first of its kind in that it decreases LDL levels while at the same time increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

The findings were simply spectacular and have got Dr. Christopher Cannon of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the study’s leader, very excited. He said that this “could really be the next big thing.” In the trial, the patients who were already taking statins because of their elevated risk for a heart attack took the drug for 6 months. At the end, those who took the drug saw that their LDL levels drop from 81 to 45, as opposed to a decrease from 82 to 77 in those taking a placebo. Also amazing, was that HDL levels increase from 41 to a staggering 101 in the drug taking group, in contrast to the paltry increase of 6 points (from 40 to 46) in those taking a placebo. (Recommended healthy levels of LDL are 100-129 and 40-59 for HDL.)  Even after a year after the trial, the initial changes were still in place.

Nov 17

More stem cell news: new trial will treat stroke victims

Posted by cleanclosets08 in stroke , reneuron , Keith Muir , Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology , 


On the heels of yesterday’s stem cell update, today ReNeuron, a British biotechnology company has announced that it has started a ground-breaking new clinical trial in Scotland to test stem cell use for stroke patients. The company has already injected a man in his 60s with stem cells and he has been successfully discharged from the hospital. Just like StemCells, ReNeuron is using neural stem cells, or cells from human fetuses, as opposed to embryonic stem cells.