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Siqi Kong, Thursday, July 29 2010 16:24
Siqi Kong
This website will be really awesome and famous in the near future!!!
Courtney6190, Wednesday, July 28 2010 16:48
siqi! Today's my last day i never got to say goodbye to you!! goodbyee!!
Siqi KongSiqi Kong on Thursday, July 29 2010 20:21

Goodbye! Good luck of everything!

mallorygold, Wednesday, July 14 2010 16:22
i had an extra class this week so I couldn't come in. i'll be here on next Tuesday though
Siqi Kong, Wednesday, June 30 2010 16:38
Siqi Kong
The long weekend is coming!
MattCollins, Tuesday, June 29 2010 14:45
siqiiii, wazzzzzaaaapppppp
Siqi KongSiqi Kong on Wednesday, June 30 2010 19:24

Pretty good! How was your day?


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2010-07-21 16:21:15
Wow, good to know!:)
2010-07-21 16:12:55
Good to know!:)
2010-07-21 15:21:33
Yeah, I love soy food too! I use soy milk instead .....
2010-07-15 15:01:50
I want BIG MAC now! :D
2010-07-15 14:57:10
Wow, my dad sweats so much in the summer but he ne .....

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