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Got a ringing in your ear? Tinnitus is on the rise.
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Great Article on Tinnitus by Melinda Beck in the online WSJ

Turn Off the Ringing Sound Researchers Explore New Treatments to Silence the Persistent Din of Tinnitus By Melinda Beck HEALTH JOURNAL WSJ DECEMBER 12, 2010 Reproduced with permission from the author Write to Melinda Beck at HealthJournal@wsj.com Some people hear a high-pitched buzzing sound. Others describe it as a ringing, roaring, hissing, chirping, whooshing or wheezing. It can be high or low, single or multi-toned, an occasional mild annoyance or a constant personal din. Tinnitus—whose Latin root means "to jingle"—is defined as the perception of sound when no external sound is present. It usually accompanies hearing loss, and while no one knows for sure what causes it, many experts believe that when people lose the ability to hear in certain frequencies, the brain fills the void with imaginary or remembered noise—like phantom limb pain for sound. "Those auditory centers are just craving input," says Rebecca Price, an audiologist who treats tinnitus at Duke University Health Systems in Durham, N.C. Some 50 million Americans at least occasionally experience tinnitus, pronounced tin-EYE-tus or TIN-i-tus. And 16 million U.S. adults had it frequently in the past year, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some two million find it so disturbing that it interferes with sleep, work, concentration and family relationships. The incidence is rising these days along with the aging population and personal music players cranked up high. "Now we have 12-year-olds complaining of tinnitus. We never had that previously," says Jennifer Born, a spokeswoman for the American Tinnitus Association, a nonprofit education and advocacy group. Tinnitus is also the No. 1 service-related disability among veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, due to brain injuries from explosive devices. While many sufferers are told there is no cure for their tinnitus, treatment options are proliferating. And brain-imaging studies are shedding new light on how some peoples' brains are wired with unusual connections between the auditory cortex that governs hearing and the centers for attention, emotion and executive function. For full text of the article: http://tiny.cc/5zdm5
Discussion started by MichaelSwedenberg , on 15 December 12:50 PM
jfrancis, Monday, January 10 2011 16:37
I've heard of tinnitus before but I never actually knew what it was and I didn't know this was such a problem. It must be difficult for the people who have to suffer though this. Thanks for the insight.
JamesMichael, Monday, January 10 2011 16:35
Anyone have any success with Over the Counter medications? How about Quietus? I hear their ad on the radio.
JamesMichael, Tuesday, December 21 2010 16:21
Coffee, Chocolate and aspirin all trigger tinnitus for me. I've pretty much eliminated aspirin but not the coffee and chocolate. I've heard that some people can mentally tune tinnitus out. How do they do that?
windowjsas, Thursday, December 16 2010 12:16
Oh my that must be awful. I can't even imagine what that must feel like, a constant ringing in the ears - that would definitely drive me nuts. Glad there are some treatments available out there and that it is recognized.
nat_bez, Thursday, December 16 2010 12:12
Wow that was very interesting. I've never really heard much about tinnitus. I think I once heard it on a TV show, but didn't know many details. This article was definitely very informative. I also didn't realize that it was such a problem, especially for soldiers. I really hope that they can find some permanent cure for the disorder, not just not thinking about it.
MichaelSwedenberg, Wednesday, December 15 2010 14:26
I've been following Melinda Beck on the WSJ Health Journal since September. She has had some great columns including one on allergies.
jay11284, Wednesday, December 15 2010 13:09
Thanks for posting this article here Michael. Great read, I didn't realize that this was such a big problem.