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Seasonal Allergies
An estimated 60 million Americans (20% of US Population) suffer from all types of allergies.
Monday, May 17 2010


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Seasonal Allergies Health Byte 03:13
Last updated: 2010-06-08 01:57:54
MichaelSwedenberg, Wednesday, November 10 2010 11:44
There is a great article on this. I just sent it to my wife who suffers from allergies. Can you fight allergies with local honey? http://tiny.cc/nxb15
hwinzenhwinzen on Tuesday, January 04 2011 20:59

I suffer allergies as well. This is great to connect with other people and Dr.'s that can give advice.

runningislife112, Wednesday, September 08 2010 12:43
There are a lot of good prescriptions for allergies now. If you talk to a doctor or pharmacist (they both know what medicines to take) it can be a big help.
jay11284, Tuesday, June 08 2010 17:06
I get horrible allergies in the spring and fall months. It's actually sometimes so horrible I find it hard to get work done throughout the day because of constant sneezing and feeling horrible overall.
MaxWeb65, Friday, June 04 2010 11:56
I've found that local honey is a good treatment for allergies. You can control your exposure to slowly build of a defense against your local allergens. Properly doing this will give you a fighting chance when allergy season hits its peak.
mallorygold, Friday, June 04 2010 11:13
I find claritin extremely helpful. Its better if you start taking it about 2 weeks before allergy season starts up so your body can prepare for it and then take it once a day everyday. I have pretty bad pollen allergies and so does my dad and we both find this has been working wonders.
Sally7685, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:50
My children have allergies depending on the season, it makes life more inconvenient but it's just something we have to learn to live with. For example, my daughter Emily is highly allergic to pollen so when there is a high level of pollen in the air we try to keep her indoors as much as possible