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There are many types of eye problems and visual disturbances which include blurred vision, halos, blind spots and other symptoms. This group is for anyone who deals with some kind of vision problems and wants to share.
Wednesday, May 19 2010


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Wednesday, May 19 2010 by itsamadworld1
The idea that carrots improve your eyesight is actually a myth that the RAF used during WWII. However carrots do improve your eyesight if your diet lacks vitamin A.


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apblank, Wednesday, June 30 2010 16:25
I've been wearing glasses for about 10 years now. I am really interested in getting the lasik surgery, but I've heard that you still need to wear glasses after the surgery. Does anyone have more information on this?
collmj94, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:09
i was born partially colorblind, but it has increased over the years. Anyone know any remedy to help stop the progression of colorblindness??
cleanclosets08, Friday, May 21 2010 15:58
I have an astigmatism which is a condition that causes blurred vision due to an irregular (football) shape of the cornea.
loves2laugh, Friday, May 21 2010 15:39
When I was younger I thought glasses were cool so I got a pair. As the years went on, my vision kept getting worse and I hated wearing glasses. I finally got contacts during high school and I've been wearing them since. I hope to soon get corrective vision surgery as my eyes stop changing. My dad got the surgery done years ago and he can see everything.
waterbottle, Wednesday, May 19 2010 15:31
Myth: You lose most of your body heat through your head. There is nothing special about the head and heat loss. You will lose heat through any uncovered body part.