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Here you can talk about different body pain and aches you've experienced and how you overcome them.
Wednesday, May 19 2010


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Started by moveforward21.
Last replied by mallorygold on Monday, June 14 2010

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apblank, Wednesday, June 30 2010 15:32
I've been having back pain for a couple of year now. I crack my back to relieve the pain (even though its only a quick fix). Is there anything that works for more than an hour or 2 that can relieve the pain?
rpfaus, Monday, June 07 2010 14:02
Lots of body aches and pains are easily cured with stretching. I have had sciatica problems for years and now I barely go to the chiropractor because of a few easy stretches I learned on youtube.
collmj94, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:56
i have had back pains for as long as i can think of. I used to take advil and tylenol, but they started not to work after a while. I found that yoga and acupuncture really work for me. Although if i dont have time for either of those, i find that a good shot of whiskey does the job!
mikef27, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:23
hey i dont really have body pain I just get really bad headaches and I was wondering is there any medicine out there for body pain that would work on headaches?? Advil and aleve and motrin seem to be loosing their strength I guess maybe bc I take them so often so can anyone reccommend any body pain medication that would help on headaches?