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Migraine Headaches
Migraine afflicts 28 million Americans, with females suffering more frequently than males. Missed work and lost productivity from these headaches create a significant public burden.
Friday, May 21 2010


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Courtney6190, Tuesday, June 08 2010 12:08
drinking plenty of water everyday can help with headaches. Try to drink as much water as possible!
mikef27, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:07
Ever since I was tweleve I use to get the worst headeaches as I got older they didnt get better I still get them 3- 4 times a week and advil and motrin and aleve seem to not work as well as they use to does anyone have any recommendations on what I should use or try??
prediagnosis, Friday, May 21 2010 14:32
I'm in med school right now. In addition to the things I learn in the classroom I have taken a huge interest in holistic medicine. I believe the best medicine for a migraine to be meditation or yoga. I highly recommend it.
weighttrainer311, Friday, May 21 2010 12:49
I was suffering from bad migraine headaches because of stress at school and work. It's a very serious problem because it's more than a headache. The pain shuts you down and makes it impossible to do the work you need to do causing more stress. What Migraine medicines do you use?
itsamadworld1, Friday, May 21 2010 12:28
I've had piercings, tattoos, and surgery and nothing compares to the pain of a migraine. It makes me want to bang my head against the wall.