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I was a teen mom. I never thought I would have a child so young. I love my daughter more than anything in the world, but I wish I could have waited
Friday, May 21 2010


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Started by cookiemonster5126.
Last replied by waterbottle on Tuesday, May 25 2010

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collmj94, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:24
yes i agree Sally7685. I had my son at 21 and it was still a very hard time. I had to postpone college and work to support my family. I think that safe sex is the smartest thing to do, it is cheap, and can really give the parents a chance to grow up before they have to raise a child on their own. I have since gone back to college, and i am currently making a much better living. Wait to have children!!
Sally7685, Tuesday, May 25 2010 16:00
Having my son so young was definitely a very big challenge and I wish I had waited but I never regret having him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, yet had i waited it would have been much easier. Instead of enjoying my time as a senior in high school I was forced to get my GED and get any minimum wage job I could get. My time was limited with working, getting my GED, and raising my child by myself and I do not recommend this to any teenage girl. Wait to start a family, you won't regret it!