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Just because our sweat contains glitter, doesn't mean we don't grunt as loud as those men do.

Here's a place for all you strong, fast, and loud grunting women to share your workout success, struggles and ideas.
Friday, April 23 2010


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mallorygold, Friday, June 04 2010 11:11
When I'm on the the elliptical, I find that I burn more calories but when I'm on the treadmill, I am more out of breath and find it a better cardiovascular workout. It really depends on the person's experience with working out and how much they can handle. As for trying to tone up, weights are great to gain muscle. My friends and I used the medicine balls when we do crunches to work our arms and abs at the same time.
BeAcHbAbE03, Monday, May 10 2010 15:23
I have lost 20 pounds in the past year. I have lost the weight now I just need to tone it all up. Anyone have any advice? Any good circuit training plans out there?
RandomThght9, Thursday, May 06 2010 12:36
I think it also depends on what your body is accustomed to. Like for example, I've been running since high school so I don't really burn as much as I do when I'm on the elliptical. I know that if I run for a half an hour 6x a week, I won't lose as much as when I'm on the elliptical for half an hour 6x a week. It's so strange how it works. But you're right Kasia619, any exercise is better than nothing at all!
kasia619, Thursday, April 29 2010 11:31
I agree-- the treadmill is a much better workout. But, I guess it depends on your level of fitness. Any type of exercise is better than nothing at all!.
waterbottle, Thursday, April 29 2010 11:26
I just switched from the elliptical to the treadmill. Such a better workout. I feel like I'm working 3x as hard as I was on the elliptical. I recommend everyone who's using the elliptical as a safety blanket to add 10 minutes of treadmill jogging to their workout. It's only 10 minutes and you won't regret it
waterbottle, Thursday, April 29 2010 11:16
I love this group!