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Music therapy is a field of scientific research which studies the process of clinical therapy and music. Trained music therapist uses music to help clients to improve or maintain their health.
Wednesday, November 03 2010


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Wednesday, November 03 2010 by MichaelSwedenberg
There are different philosophies regarding the foundations of music therapy. The first is based on education and the second is based on music therapy itself. Music therapists may work with individuals who have behavioral-emotional disorders. To meet the needs of this population, music therapists have studied psychological theories and used them for different types of music therapy. Different models include behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. The therapy neuroscience is called "neurological music therapy" (NMT). NMT is "based on the neuroscience model of music perception and production, and the influence of music on functional changes in non-musical brain and behavior functions." Said another way, NMT studies how the brain is with and without music, measures the differences and uses these differences to change the brain through music that will eventually affect the client non-musically. As internationally known professor and researcher Dr. Thaut said, "The brain that engages in music is changed by engaging in music."


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mm2010, Wednesday, November 03 2010 14:40
Wasn't it scientifically proven or speculated (at least) that music helps the development of infants and fetuses?
MichaelSwedenbergMichaelSwedenberg on Wednesday, November 03 2010 19:51

Yes, it began back in the 1970s. Pregnant women would play classical music where ever they were to expose the unborn baby to culture. I even heard about some who attached headphones to their stomachs to ensure the baby got Beethoven full blast.